PHT Organization

PHT Organization


2022-2023 President-Stacia Weisskopf, Carolyn Allee-Vice-Pres, Christin Achenbach-Sec, Melissa Henstorf-Asst Sec, Tanya Rajtora-Treasurer, Emily Pirkl-Asst Treasurer

2021-2022 President-Stacia Weisskopf, Vice President-Carolyn Allee, Secretary-Christin Achenbach, Treasurer-Tanya Rajtora 


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​September 2019- The PHT committee recently donated new Goalsetter basketball backboards to the HLV tennis court.  Thank you to Ruth Beran for the pickup and delivery of the boards and to Dale Pirkl, Dave Beran, Pat Blomme, Todd Achenbach, Rod Cooling, David Timm and Chase Hansen for the removal and installation of the new backboards.  

Taking off old backboard

putting up new backboards

measuring to standard 10 ft height

before and after

The PHT committee did a painting project at the elementary playground.  There was a new concrete pad poured in the late spring to give kids more area to play on, instead of pea gravel.  The PHT decided to paint some games on that concrete pad.  The games are 4 square, Mirror Me, and an agility/obstacle course.