HS Boys & Girls Wrestling

2022-2023 GIRLS WRESTLING- is being shared with Iowa Valley. Raelene Hawkins has joined their squad.

2022-2023 BOYS WRESTLING- Head coach-Beau Jack Assts-Sion Fontinel, Ed Henning, Volunteer Chad Olson

Team members-Cole Fontinel, Brody Sternhagen, Hunter Bazyn, Hayden Shafer, Colton Butler, Cory Levine

2021-2022 High School Wrestling- L to R Coach Sion Fontinel, Hunter Bazyn, Tyler Ballard, Cole Fontinel, Brody Sternhagen, Max Henstorf, Manager Chelle Thys, Head Coach Beau Jack Not pictured-Coach Chad Olson and mgr. Raelene Hawkins

2021-2022 POST SEASON- SICL Conference-Cole Fontinel and Hunter Bazyn 4th place------------------Sectionals-Cole Fontinel-2nd place-------------------Districts-Cole Fontinel-3rd place

2021 SECTIONAL AND DISTRICT RESULTS- Ethan Kupka, Mason Fruendt, Marcus Kolesar and Cole Fontinel advanced from the sectional tournament to the district. No one advanced to state this year.

2021 SICL CONFERENCE WRESTLING- The HLV wrestlers along with several other conference schools did not participate in the conference wrestling meet for 2021.

2020-2021 VARSITY WRESTLING- front row Kayla York mgr, Marcus Kolesar, Preston Willett, Ethan Kupka, Mason Fruendt, Tyson Robertson.............middle row-Nolan Pirkl, Coaches Beau Jack, Sion Fontinel, Chad Olson...........back row Max Henstorf, Tyler Ballard , Cole Fontinel, Brody Sternhagen.

2019-20 State Qualifiers- Kody Timm, Caden Fontinel, and Ethan Kupka.

2019-20 SICL Conference Meet Results- 1st place-Kody Timm, Caden Fontinel, Ethan Kupka 3rd place Marcus Kolesar 4th place Mason Fruendt

2019-20 VARSITY WRESTLING- Head Coach-Beau Jack Asst-Sion Fontinel Vol Asst- Bruce Jack, Chad Olson, Dusty Van Nevel

Squad- Kody Timm, Caden Fontinel, Marcus Kolesar, Ethan Kupka, Mason Fruendt, Tyson Robertson, Preston Willett Mgrs-Meredith Schnebbe and Kayla York

2019 Sectional Results- Kody Timm, Caden Fontinel, and Mason Fruendt placed 2nd, Cody Frahm 4th, Beau York 5th, and Marcus Kolesar and Tyson Robertson 6th.

SICL 2019 conference results- 2nd place Kody Timm and Caden Fontinel, Beau York 4th, Mason Fruendt and Cody Frahm 5th, and Marcus Kosesar 6th.

2018-19 COACHES- Head Beau Jack Assts-Bruce Jack, Sion Fontinel, Volunteers-Dusty Van Nevel, Chad Olson

2018-19 High School- Cody Frahm, Caden Fontinel, Marcus Kolesar, Ethan Kupka, Kody Timm, Tyson Robertson, Mason Fruendt, Beau York


2018 SICL Wrestling Results- Dylan Caskey-champion, Caden Fontinel-2nd place, Ethan Kupka-2nd place, and Marcus Kolesar-4th place.

2017-18 ......Dylan Caskey, Caden Fontinel, Cody Frahm, Lyden Klesner, Marcus Kolesar Coaches-Beau Jack, Bruce Jack, Sion Fontinel, Dusty Van Nevel


Congratulations to Kenny Kriegel for qualifying for the State Wrestling Tournament in 2017.

2016-17 Warrior Wrestling

Front row-Kenny Kriegel, Cody Frahm, Caden Fontinel, Derick Weiermann, Kyler Klesner, Dakota Huber

Back row-Mgr. Meredith Schnebbe, Coaches Dusty Van Nevel, Beau Jack, Sion Fontinel, Bruce Jack

Not pictured-Mgr. Shary Hinshaw