Cross Country

2023 Cross Country  Conference Champions            Finishers Peyton Roth 8th (2nd team all conf), Brody Sternhagen 9th (2nd team all conf), Nolan Pirkl 10th (2nd team all conf), Austin Van Hamme 13th, Drew Thys 14th, and Ethan Licht 35th.  1st time ever for conference champion

Left to right-Coach Schnebbe, Drew Thys, Nolan Pirkl, Brody Sternhagen, Austin Van Hamme, Peyton Roth, Ethan Licht, Coach Vavroch

2022 CROSS COUNTRY- Nolan Pirkl and Austin Van Hamme

2021- see picture below

2021  Drew Thys (JH), Austin Van Hamme, Nolan Pirkl, Carson Aberle (JH)  Coach Vavroch

2020 TEAM   Coach Matt Vavroch  Members-Nolan Pirkl, Ethan Licht, Mason Fruendt, Austin Van Hamme 


2019 Cross Country-Kyrah Sissel and Mason Fruendt  Coach Matt Vavroch

2018 Cross Country-    Coach Matt Vavroch         AJ Gensley, Tesla Malloy, Ty Kruse     

2017 CROSS COUNTRY-      Ty Kruse and Mason Fruendt  Coach Brian Schnebbe

2016 CROSS COUNTRY   Coach:  Theresa Smith Madison Tapley, Ty Kruse, Taylor Crisman, Nicole Schnebbe, and Isaiah Ehrenberger.  Manager-Riley Simpson

2015 CROSS COUNTRY     Coach: Teresa Smith  Team members- Taylor Crisman, Isaiah Ehrenberger, Brittney Wood

2014 CROSS COUNTRY-Katie Dentel, Brittney Wood, Isaiah Ehrenberger, David Williams, Bethany Leonard, Taylor Crisman  Coach Theresa Auchus

2013 CROSS COUNTRY- Samantha Fruendt, Bailey Van Buren, Willa Sughroue, Kayla Schafbuch, Margaret Zehr, Brittney Wood, Katie Dentel, Michael Davis, Isaiah Ehrenberger, Rhett Thys, David Williams, Peyton Simmons Coach Auchus   

2012 CROSS COUNTRY-Rhett Thys, Joe Stiefel, Jon Dentel, Mitch Merical, Connor Doran, Samantha Fruendt, Brody Hall   Coach Theresa Auchus

2011 CROSS COUNTRY-Josh Patterson, Brock Hall, Jon Dentel, Andrew Nowotny, Dustin Schafbuch, Mitch Merical, Joe Stiefel, Elizabeth Wade, Rhett Thys, Brody Hall, Mgr-Dakota Newton, Coach Theresa Auchus

2010 CROSS COUNTRY-Louis Sughroue, Joe Stiefel, Aaron Haskins, Mitch Merical, Josh Foster, Jon Dentel, Carlin Michalek, Rhett Thys, Liz Wade, Krystal Wade  coach Theresa Auchus

2009 CROSS COUNTRY-Krystal Wade, Joe Stiefel, Andrew Foster, Louis Sughroue, Josh Foster, Carlin Michalek, Cecilia Hagen

2008 CROSS COUNTRY-Krystal Wade, Cecilia Hagen, Anai Williams, Carlin Michalek, Anthony Lynn, Louis Sughroue, Josh Foster

2007 CROSS COUNTRY-Carlin Michalek, Anthony Lynn, Eric Sylvester, Seth McCammant and Sarah Baetsle  Coach Jenny Cronbaugh

2006 CROSS COUNTRY-Kyle Shaull

2005 Team Members-Crystal Klein, Jennifer Timm, Jeni Fragoso, Kalle Reever, Kelly Ipsen, Stacia Steffensmeier, Lee Beumer, Neal Kriegel, Jon Kasal, Harrison Beckman, Caleb Kriegel, KC Irwin, Connor Jacobb, Colby Kriegel, Lewis Baustian, Eric Sylvester