HS Girls Track


2022 STATE TRACK QUALIFIER- Ema Roberts High Jump (5th place finish)

South Iowa Cedar League All-Conference 2022- Ema Roberts 1st Team

2022 members pictured below

2022- Front row-Kyla Roberts, Ema Roberts Back row-Coach Jeff Boswell, Payten Martinson, Heather Schafbuch, Chelle Thys, Savannah Harmon, Hailey Jack, Addy Shaull not pictured Coach Austin Roberts

STATE TRACK 2021- Karlee Timm qualified in the Shot Put and the High Jump. She finished 24th in the state in the shot put (30'10.75") and 10th in the high jump 5'10".


2021 VARSITY GIRLS TRACK- Head coach-Jeff Boswell

Trinity Donaldson, Savannah Harmon, Payten Martinson, Jasmine Young, Olivia Van Waus, Grace Siems, Kayla Jack, Aleya Roberts, Chelle Thys, Heather Schafbuch, Kyla Roberts, Karlee Timm, Addy Shaull, Hailey Jack.

2020 Varsity Track Season was cancelled due to Corona Virus. The following were planning to participate: Head Coach Digger Phelps Members- Rachel DeRycke, Jasmine Young, Olivia Van Waus, Aleya Roberts, Kayla Jack, Karlee Timm, Emma Schafbuch, Chelle Thys, Payten Martinson, Kyla Roberts, Trinity Donaldson,


Haley Coats, Rachel DeRycke, Morgan Rhinehart, Kayla Jack, Aleya Roberts, Karlee Timm, Rylie Timm, Olivia Van Waus, Jasmine Young, Chelle Thys, Jaylin Van Lancker

2019 SICL All-Conference 2nd Team Karlee Timm

2019 SICL CONFERENCE PLACINGS- Karlee Timm 2nd high jump, Sprint Medley 8th (DeRycke, Van Waus, Timm, Young, Rachel DeRycke 8th 100 meter dash, 4 x 200 5th (DeRycke, Young, Van Waus, Timm), Kayla Jack 6th 400 Hurdles, 4 x 100 5th (DeRycke, Young, Van Waus, Timm) Team finish-10th with 19 points

​2019 No one qualified for the state meet.

2018 Varsity Girls Track

2018 State Track Results

SICL CONFERENCE- the team placed 5th. Haley Coats-2nd 100m, 1st 200m, Karlee Timm-3rd high jump, Macie Boots-2nd 400m, 1st 400 hurdles, 1st sprint medley-Emma Cheney, Rachel DeRycke, Haley Coats, Macie Boots, 3rd 4 x 100-Emma cheney, Rachel DeRycke, Olivia Van Waus, Haley Coats

2018 Drake Relays-Congratulations to Macie Boots and Haley Coats who qualified to run.


Rachel DeRycke, Madison Weiermann, Macie Boots, Mariah Doran, Emma Cheney, Rylie Timm, Aleya Roberts, Kayla Jack, Morgan Rhinehart, Olivia Van Waus, Blake Weber, Karlee Timm, Haley Coats, Makenna Nowotny, Kayla York, Charlee Fruendt Managers- Charlee Fruendt

2017 Track Team- Coach Theresa Smith

Rachel DeRycke, Morgan Rhinehart, Nadia Schafbuch, Madi Tapley, Macie Boots, Haley Coats, Shary Hinshaw, Makenna Nowotny, Annah Pierce, Emma Cheney, Mariah Doran, Mackenzie Lynn, Maddy Weiermann, Nicole Schnebbe, Paris Sissel


Haley Coats- 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash

Macie Boots-400 meter hurdles, 400 meter dash

4 x 100- Emma Cheney, Mariah Doran, Shary Hinshaw, Haley Coats

Sprint Medley-Emma Cheney, Mariah Doran, Haley Coats, Macie Boots

2016 Varsity Girls Track team members- Emma Cheney, Haley Coats, Taylor Crisman, Katie Dentel, Mariah Doran, Sammi Fruendt, Shary Hinshaw, Mandi Niemeyer, Makenna Nowotny, Sara Sanders, Maddy Weiermann

2015 Varsity Girls Track team members- Emma Cheney, Taylor Crisman, Katie Dentel, Mariah Doran, Laurisa Filmer, Sammi Fruendt, Charlee Fruendt, Brooke Kuesel, Bethany Leonard, Mackenzie Lynn, Mandi Niemeyer, Emily Schabacker, Maddy Weiermann

2014 Varsity Girls Track team members- Larisa Andrews, Lauren Cavin, Taylor Crisman, Katie Dentel, Laurisa Filmer, Sammi Fruendt, Madi Kunz, Amber Lamb, Bethany Leonard, Chelsea Pierce, Abby Schafbuch, Kayla Schafbuch, Willa Sughroue, Bailey Van Buren, Ashley Varo

2013 Varsity Girls Track team members- Holly Bricker, Lauren Cavin, Katie Dentel, Laurisa Filmer, Sammi Fruendt, Bethany Leonard, Goldie McClenathan, Alex Miller, Chelsea Pierce, Abby Schafbuch, Tara Tanner, Bailey Van Buren, Ashley Varo, Elizabeth Wade

2012 Varsity Girls Track team members- Lexy Bracy, Holly Bricker, Trisha Foster, Shannon Foster, Cassidy Gerard, Tricia Glotfelty, Dani Kunz, Amber Lamb, Goldie McClenathan, Chelsea Pierce, Kelli Read, Abby Schafbuch, Willa Sughroue, Tara Tanner, Brooklyn Tapley, Bailey Van Buren, Elizabeth Wade, Alexa Williams, Maggie Zehr

2011 Varsity Girls Track team members-Bobbi Beck, Holly Bricker, Trisha Foster, Jaime Gerard, Tricia Glotfelty, Goldie McClenathan, Chelsea Pierce, Lauren Robison, Abby Schafbuch, Willa Sughroue, Emily Thompson, Bailey Van Buren, Ashley Vesely, Elizabeth Wade, Alexa Williams, Anai Williams, Maggie Zehr

2010 Varsity Girls Track team members- Hailey Allen, Bobbi Beck, Elizabeth Bird, Holly Bricker, Trisha Foster, Tricia Glotfelty, Goldie McClenathan, Lauren Robinson, Ashley Vesely, Alexa Williams, Anai Williams

2009 Varsity Girls Track team members- Elizabeth Bird, Abbey Dentel, Trisha Foster, Shelby Gerard, Tricia Glotelty, Sarah Hafner, Christina Hayek, Crystal McClenathan, Michelle McWilliams, Lauren Robinson, Emily Schaefer, Paige Simons, Brittany Sleeuwenhoek, Ashley Velely, Krystal Wade, Alexa Williams, Anai Williams

2008 Varsity Girls Track team members- Elizabeth Bird, Jade Cooling, Abbey Dentel, Sarah Hafner, Lacy Jahlas, Robin Klaaren, Crystal McClenathan, Michelle McWilliams, Candace Pierce, Lauren Robinson, Misty Schafbuch, Morgan Schafbuch, Jessie Seaton, Paige Simmons, Brittany Sleeuwenhoek, Amanda Tuttle, Ashley Vesely, Kristal Wade, Anai Williams

2007 Varsity Girls Track team members- Jade Cooling, Stacey Dietrich, Amanda Donovan, Sarah Hafner, Tawny Happel, Lacy Jahlas, Robin Klaaren, Kelsey Leigh, Crystal McClenathan, Amanda McCombs, Michelle McWilliams, Misty Schafbuch, Brittany Sleeuwenhoek, Jacie Smith Ashley Timm, Kallie Warnick