Iowa College Access Network (ICAN) & Iowa College Aid

Search for scholarships, learn about life after high school, know what the next steps are in applying for college. A very useful website for all high school students and parents alike.

Check out the attachments below. You will find a countdown to college calendar for juniors and seniors, a checklist for seniors to make sure you get everything done to prepare for college, and a list of questions to ask when you visit a college campus.

Peruse the state scholarships that are available, understand the financial aid process, and get a handle of student loan debt.

College Checklist

Federal Loan Chart

Federal Parent Plus Loans

ICAN - College Planning Guide

ICAN - Countdown Calendar

ICAN - Prep Pack College Visits

Iowa College Aid - Helpful Websites

Paying for College

John R Justice Grant Program

Private Loan Research - Tips

Teach Grant

Teacher Foregiveness Loans