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HLV High School Silver Cord Service Program Information 

Overview: The Silver Cord program is a distinguished award available to high school students with the purpose of recognizing their out of school volunteer efforts. Program participation is voluntary for all HLV High School students. Students who complete the required number of volunteer service hours will be recognized at their graduation by wearing a silver cord with their cap and gown and with special mention in the Commencement program. Students must have 160 hours of documented volunteer activity by April 30 of the year they are graduating.  HOURS FROM EACH YEAR WILL CARRYOVER TO MAKE UP YOUR 160 HOURS, INSTEAD OF 40 EACH YEAR. (NOTE THIS CHANGE)

Participation Requirements:Silver Cord participation will be monitored by the Silver Cord Program Sponsor.   Students must complete a Silver Cord Registration form to begin documentation of each qualifying volunteer activity. Volunteer hours completed without a documentation form are not accepted toward Silver Cord. Students must volunteer in at least 3 different category areas. 

Volunteer Categories:Silver Cord volunteer hours must be for providing a service or meeting a clear need for the following categories: agency, church, school, park, charity program, community event, non profit fundraiser, or for assisting with non-relative handicapped or elderly needs. The service must be "above and beyond" one's usual scope of involvement and should not be part of a required service for any program or as a part of your commitment to an organization as a member of that organization. 

Examples of Acceptable Volunteer Activities:Examples of acceptable volunteer service include: after school tutor, nursing home or senior center, volunteer for church projects, assisting with the elderly in their homes, beautify community or school property, assist at community blood drives, help fine arts/athletic contests, volunteer for special events such as Relay for Life, work for political party, and other like activities, volunteering for City Rec programs.

Examples of Volunteer Activities Not Acceptable:The following are examples of volunteer activities which are not accepted as Silver Cord activities: to satisfy a class or requirement for any agency, program or organization of which you are a member, for a relative, for pay or compensation, doing chores at home, court ordered community service, or like activities. The intent of the approved volunteer activities is to promote students going the extra mile beyond what would normally be expected in the area of volunteerism.  If you have any questions on whether a project counts toward Silver Cord hours, you must ask the Silver Cord Sponsor BEFORE you perform the service.  It is at the sponsor's discretion whether or not the project meets the criteria.  

Past Recipients

2023  Ashlyn Hall, Jack Cheney, Shaylee Cooling Kyla Roberts, Kyrah Sissel

2022 Melana Blomme, Chelle Thys

2021 Karlee Timm, Tacy Andrews, Kayla Jack, Aleya Roberts, Kaleb Sternhagen, Olivia Van Waus, Preston Willett, Kayla York

2020 Carson Cheney, Sam Gensley, Reed Ward, Amber Cooling, Ivy Roth, Meredith Schnebbe

2019 Dan Andrews, Chloe Burmahl, Cody Frahm, Sydney Demmel, Riley Simpson, Chase Sternhagen, Lexie Van Thournout

2018 Mackenzie Lynn, Ben Toyne, Emma Cheney, Mariah Doran, Mitch Thys