HS Baseball

2024 HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL- Head Coach-Kyle Henstorf   Asst-Devon Maxfield, Andrew McCullough  Volunteer-Fran Roth and Beau Jack    Team members- Max Henstorf, Boston York, Brody Sternhagen, Cole Fontinel,  Peyton Roth, Landyn Ankrum, Hayden Shafer, Keegan Gorsh, Cael Weisskopf, Tristan Pirkl, Lance Milton, Bryer Jack, Kollin Menicucci, Gaige Mercer, Levi Molyneux, Sean McCulloch, Jayden Smith, Landon McDonald, Michael Verploeg, Gavin Smith.  

2023 HS Baseball- Coaches Kyle Henstorf, Devon Maxfield    Camden Kennebeck, Cole Fontinel, Max Henstorf, Boston York, Peyton Roth, Hayden Shafer, Bryer Jack, Kollin Menicucci, Landyn Ankrum, James Tjaden, Keegan Gorsh, Kyler Gorsh, Tyler Ballard, Brody Sternhagen

2022 BASEBALL-  

 2022 SICL All-Conference Selections-Camden Kennebeck 2nd team pitcher, Boston York 2nd team utility, Ben Thys and Donavin Kruse Honorable Mention.  Camden Kennebeck also received All-District 2nd team utility.  

Coaches-Wes Warwick (head), Kyle Henstorf, Mitch Thys   Team members- AJ Gensley, Matthew Krug, Donnie Kruse, Ben Thys, Beau York, Kyler Gorsh, Camden Kennebeck, Max Henstorf, Boston York, Ethan Licht, Cole Fontinel, Peyton Roth, Landyn Ankrum, Keegan Gorsh


The team finished with a 12-11 record.  They lost to Alburnett in the second round of the tournament to end their season.  

POST SEASON HONORS- SICL All-Conference-Beau York-1st Team pitcher, Ethan Kupka-1st team infield, Boston York-1st team utility, Cole Fontinel-2nd team outfield, Marcus Kolesar-Honorable Mention and Max Henstorf-Honorable Mention.  All-district 2nd team honors went to Beau York-pitcher, Boston York-catcher, and Ethan Kupka-utility.   

COACHES- HEAD WES WARWICK AND ASST. KYLE HENSTORF-    Team members- Ethan Kupka, Marcus Kolesar, Owen Bayer, Beau York, Ben Thys, Donnie Kruse, Braxton Rohret, Jack Cheney, Max Henstorf, Cole Fontinel, Boston York, Ben Root, Dalton Lynn, Ethan Licht, Peyton Roth.   

2020 BASEBALL-   Head Coach-Wes Warwick     Asst-Kyle Henstorf

Team Members-Caden Fontinel, Will Bayer, Brody Wolf, Kody Timm, Carson Cheney, Marcus Kolesar, Ethan Kupka, Leo Ehrenberger, Owen Bayer, Beau York, Ben Thys, Donavin Kruse, Jack Cheney, Max Henstorf, Boston York, Cole Fontinel, Ethan Licht, Jack Butler, Tyler Ballard, Dylan Shull, Brody Sternhagen, Ben Root, and Dalton Lynn.   

The season was shortened do to Covid.  The season started with games on June. 15, 2020.  The JH season was not held this year.

In tournament play, the Warriors defeated Tri County, Keota and then Montezuma to claim the district title.  They were defeated by eventual state champion Don-Bosco in the sub-state game.  

All conference selections- Brody Wolf 1st team pitcher, Carson Cheney 1st team pitcher, Kody Timm 1st team catcher, Ethan Kupka 1st team infield, Caden Fontinel 2nd team infield, Will Bayer Honorable Mention, Boston York Honorable Mention.  All district honors went to Carson Cheney and Brody Wolf-1st team pitcher, Kody Timm 1st team catcher, Ethan Kupka 1st team utility, and Caden Fontinel 2nd team utility  IOWA HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL COACHES ASSOCIATION ALL-STATE- Brody Wolf 1st team utility, Kody Timm 2nd team catcher and Carson Cheney 3rd team pitcher.

2019 season photo gallery  

2019  BASEBALL- Coaches Wes Warwick, Asst. Kyle Henstorf  Vol Asst Mitch Thys

Team Members- Dean Shaull, Brendan Wood, Cody Frahm, Caden Fontinel, Carson Cheney, Will Bayer, Brody Wolf, Kody Timm, Ethan Kupka, Marcus Kolesar, Bobby Scoville, Leo Ehrenberger, Beau York, Ben Thys, Donny Kruse, Jack Cheney


ALL-CONFERENCE- 1st Team-----pitcher Brody Wolf and Carson Cheney, catcher Kody Timm, infield Brendan Wood, outfield Dean Shaull       2nd Team- infield Caden Fontinel    Honorable Mention-  Cody Frahm and Marcus Kolesar

ALL-DISTRICT- 1st Team---pitcher Brody Wolf, 2nd base Caden Fontinel, outfield Dean Shaull, utility Carson Cheney            2nd Team----catcher Kody Timm, 1st base Brendan Wood, outfield Cody Frahm

ALL-STATE-2nd Team--outfield Dean Shaull, pitcher Brody Wolf           3rd Team---catcher Kody Timm

2018 VARSITY BASEBALL  Coaches Wes Warwick and Kyle Henstorf

Team members 2018-Mitch Thys, Brendan Wood, Dean Shaull, Cody Frahm, Carson Cheney, Caden Fontinel, Will Bayer, Kody Timm, Brody Wolf, Ethan Kupka, Leo Ehrenberger, Bobby Scoville, Marcus Kolesar, Garrett Westerdale, Beau York, Ben Thys, Donavin Kruse

POST SEASON AWARDS    Mitch Thys-1st team All-Conf and 1st team All-District pitcher and 2nd team Academic All-State and 2nd team All-State pitcher,  Dean Shaull-1st team All-Conf and 1st team All-District outfield and 1st team All-State outfield, Brendan Wood-1st team All-Conf infield and 1st team All-District 1st base and 3rd team All-State 1st base, Caden Fontinel-1st team All-Conf utility and 2nd team All-District shortstop, Kody Timm-1st team All-Conf catcher and 2nd team All-District catcher, Carson Cheney-2nd team All-Conf infield and 1st team All-District 2nd base, Cody Frahm-All-Conf Honorable Mention, Marcus Kolesar-All-Conf Honorable Mention     Wes Warwick-SICL Coach of the Year

2017 VARSITY BASEBALL  Coaches Wes Warwick and Todd Oberthien

Team members-Jesse Ward, Ben Toyne, Mitch Thys, Brandon Schafbuch, Ben Wolf, Dean Shaull, Cody Frahm, Brendan Wood, Caden Fontinel, Carson Cheney, Kody Timm, Will Bayer, Brody Wolf, Reed Ward, Marcus Kolesar.

POST SEASON AWARDS- (All-Conference)  Mitch Thys-1st team utility, Brenda Wood 2nd team infield, Dean Shaull-2nd team outfield, and Carson Cheney and Ben Wolf Honorable Mention.  Golden Award-Kody Timm

2016 VARSITY BASEBALL -Wade Van Otegham, Brody Wolf, Carson Cheney, Brandon Schafbuch, Ben Wolf, Mitch Thys, Sam Gensley, Dalton Kriegel, Caden Fontinel, Reed Ward, Ben Toyne, Dean Shaull, Ben Lahndorf, Kody Timm, Nate Van Buren, Brendan Wood, Will Bayer, Jesse Ward, Cody Frahm.  

2015 VARSITY BASEBALL Coaches Josh Smith and Wes Warwick

Post season honors-(All-conference)- 2nd team catcher-Nate Van Buren, 2nd team infield-Dalton Kriegel, Honorable Mentions-Mitch Thys and Brendan Wood.  Golden Award-Wade Van Otegham.  

Team members-David Williams, Dalton Kriegel, Ben Lahndorf, Dakota Newton, Nate Van Buren, Wade Van Otegham, Isaiah Ehrenberger, Tucker Jones, Kyler Klesner, Jesse Ward, Brandon Schafbuch, Mitch Thys, Ben Toyne, Ben Wolf, Cody Frahm, Dean Shaull, Brendan Wood.  

2014 VARSITY BASEBALL  Coaches Josh Smith and Tyler Happel

Team members- Matt Maschmann, Jay Wright, Dakota Stults, Jestin Klesner, David Wiliams, Dalton Kriegel, Ben Lahndorf, Nate Van Buren, Wade Van Otegham, Jacob Coats, Michael Davis, Tucker Jones, Kyler Klesner, Brandon Schafbuch, Mitch Thys, Ben Toyne.  

2013 VARSITY BASEBALL Coaches Josh Smith and Tyler Happel

Team members-Tanner DeBrower, Tyler Varo, Parker Cataldo, Matthew Maschmann, Dakota Stults, Rhett Thys, Jerod York, Louis Kriegel, Dalton Kriegel, Ben Lahndorf, Dakota Newton, Nate Van Buren, Wade Van Otegham, Jacob Coats Michael Davis, Kyler Klesner, Jesse Ward. 

2012 BASEBALL-Dakota Stults, Matt Maschmann, Cole Lahndorf, Louis Kriegel, Wade Van Otegham, Dalton Kriegel, Nate Van Buren, Jestin Klesner, Ben Lahndorf, Tanner DeBrower, Derek Cavin, Dillon McClenathan, Trent Maschmann, Matt Merical, Tyler Varo, Jerod York  Coaches Josh Smith and Tyler Happel

2011 BASEBALL-Dakota Stults, Jon Dentel, Matt Maschmann, Tanner DeBrower, Tyler Varo, Jordan Dietrich, Cole Lahndorf, Trent Maschmann, Trevor Jack, Ryan Seip, Bryce Kuesel, Garrett Hinrichs, Angus Gryp, Jeffrey Craig Josh Foster, Derek Cavin  Coaches Josh Smith and Tyler Happel

2010 BASEBALL-Dakota Stults, Tanner DeBrower, Trent Maschmann, Cole Lahndorf, Jeff Craig, Bryce Kuesel, Brad Craig, Ryan Seip, Kerek Heyveld, Garrett Hinrichs, Augus Gryp, Sheldon Gryp, Alex Schnebbe, Clint McClenathan, Jordan Smith, Nic Zehr, Trevor Jack, Josh Foster Coaches Josh Smith and Tyler Happel

2009 BASEBALL-Tanner DeBrower, Trent Maschmann, Ryan Seip, Boone DeBrower, Trevor Jack, Cole Lahndorf, Carlin Michalek, Joe Stiefel, Sheldon Gryp, Clint McClenathan, Jake Burns Angues Gryp, Alex Schnebbe, Jordan Smith, Preston Warnick, Brad Craig, AJ Pirkl, Jeff Craig, Bryce Kuesel, Grant Hinrichs, Bryce Hasley, Garrett Hinrichs, Coaches Adam Hadenfeldt and Paul Timm

2008 BASEBALL-Jacob Schaefer, Eric Sylvester, Brad Barker, Ben Timm, Saxon Van Buren, Boone DeBrower, Trevor Jack, Carlin Michalek, Alex Schnebbe, Angus Gryp, Jacob Burns, Preston Warnick, Josh Foster, Ryan Siep, Clint McClenathan, Garrett Hinrichs, Drew Schultz, Bryce Hasley, Jordan Smith, Sheldon Gryp, Grant Hinrichs, AJ Pirkl, Andrew Foster, Bryce Kuesel, Jeff Craig, Brad Craig  Coaches Adam Hadenfeldt, Paul Timm

2007 BASEBALL-(16-11) Preston Warnick, Nic Zehr, Clint McClenathan, Sheldon Gryp, Alex Schnebbe, Jordan Smith, Bryce Hasley, Grant Hinrichs, Drew Schultz, Jacob Schaefer, Boone DeBrower, Garrett Hinrichs, Angus Gryp, Bryce Kuesel, Eric Sylvester, Brad Barker, Scott Riedel, Pete Stiefel, Sean Campbell, Benj Timm, Saxon Van Buren  Coaches-Adam Hadenfeldt, Tyler Happel, Paul Timm

2006 BASEBALL-Pete Stiefel, Josh Schnebbe, Vaugn Miller, Travis Patten, Troy Barker, Lance Baetsle, Sean Campbell, Brenden Kuesel, Jacob Schaefer, Boone DeBrower, Jared Herzberg, Scott Riedel, Saxon VanBuren, Benj Timm, Bryce Hasley, Sheldon Gryp, Alex Schnebbe, Eric Sylvester, Drew Schultz, Brad Barker, Dylan Miller, Scott Blomme, Grant Hinrichs, Corey VanOtegham, Preston Warnick, Jordan Smith, Jacob Burns, Coaches Mike Diekman, Paul Timm and Tyler Happel

2005 BASEBALL- Ben Kaplan, Tom Stiefel, Joe Verdeck, Tyler Happel, Cody Guyer, Eric Sylvester, Bryce Hasley, Travis Patten, Saxon VanBuren, Benj Timm, Vaugn Miller, Sean Campbell, Cory VanOtegham, Scott Blomme, Troy Barker, Josh Schnebbe, Ben Zehr, Dylan Miller, Scott Riedel, Brad Barker, Lance Baestle, Coach Mike Diekman.