Student Council

2022-2023 Advisor- Kyra Alexander

​The Student Council is in charge of planning the Homecoming activities, Red Ribbon Week, pop tab collection, and other various activities throughout the year.

2021-2022 STUDENT COUNCIL ADVISOR-Jenny Schnebbe

Student Body President-Chelle Thys

Senior Class Officers-Pres-Courtney Rhinehart, Vice-Donnie Kruse, Sec/Treas-Alexis Roth, St Council Rep-Emily Waline

Junior Class Officers-Pres-Reid Nowotny, Vice-Lane Conaway, Sec/Treas-Clayton Essick/Kyrah Sissel, St Council Rep-Wyatt Robison, Shaylee Cooling, Clayton Essick, Kyrah Sissel

Sophomore Class Officers-Pres-Nolan Pirkl, Vice-Brody Sternhagen, Sec/Treas-Max Henstorf, St Council Rep-Janessa Blomme, Addy Shaull, Heather Schafbuch

Freshman Class Officers-Pres-Ema Roberts, Vice-Hunter Bazyn

8th Grade Class Officers-Pres-Jenna Rajtora, Vice-Brielle Andrews, Sec/Treas-Nicole Gensley, St Council Rep-Mackenzie Allee, Raelene Hawkins, Serenity McClenathan, Derek Willett

7th Grade Class Officers-Pres-Allan Soctt, Vice-Bryer Jack, Sec/Treas-Nyla Frahm, St Council Rep-Tieryn Sissel

2020-2021 STUDENT COUNCIL Advisor-Jenny Schnebbe

Student Body President-Tacy Andrews

Senior Class Officers-Pres-Kayla York, Vice Pres-Marcus Kolesar, Sec/Treas-Mason Fruendt, Council Rep-Preston Willett

Junior Class Officers-Pres-Chelle Thys, Vice Pres-Courtney Rhinehart, Sec/Treas-Emily Waline

Sophomore Class Officers- Pres-Kyla Roberts, Vice Pres-Shaylee Cooling, Sec/Treas-Kyrah Sissel, Council Rep-Clayton Essick

Freshman Class Officers-Pres-Nolan Pirkl, Vice Pres-Brody Sternhagen, Sec/Treas-Max Henstorf

Eighth Class Officers-Pres-Ema Roberts, Vice Pres-Luke Butler, Sec/Treas-Natalie Tjaden

Seventh Class Officers-Pres-Raelene Hawkins, Vice Pres-Jenna Rajtora, Sec/Treas-Nicole Gensley, Council Rep-Brielle Andrews, Reps-Mackenzie Allee, Derek Willett

2019-2020 STUDENT COUNCIL Advisor-Heather Scoville

Student Body President- Tacy Andrews

Senior Class Officers- Pres-Josie Hall, VP-Meredith Schnebbe, Sec/Treas-Alyssa Pierce

Junior Class Officers-Pres-Marcus Kolesar, VP-Preston Willett, Sec/Treas-Mason Fruendt, Rep-Leo Ehrenberger and Bobby Scoville

Sophomore Class Officers- Pres-Chelle Thys, VP-Courtney Rhinehart, Sec/Treas-Emily Waline

Freshman Class Officers- Pres-Kyrah Sissel, VP-Clayton Essick

8th Class Officers- Pres-Brody Sternhagen, VP- Nolan Pirkl, Sec/Treas-Max Henstorf

7th Class Officers-Pres Ema Roberts, VP Natalie Van Polen

2018-19 Advisor-Heather Scoville

Student Body President- Jolynne Schnebbe

Senior Class Officers- Pres-Lexie Van Thournout, Vice-Daniel Andrews, Sec-Annah Pierce

Junior Class Officers-Pres-Josie Hall, Vice-Meredith Schnebbe, Sec-Makenna Weiermann

Sophomore Class Officers- Pres-Marcus Kolesar, Vice-Tyson Robertson, Sec-Tacy Andrews, Rep-Leo Ehrenberger, Bobby Scoville

Freshman Class Officers- Pres-Chelle Thys, Vice-Dylan Schafbuch, Sec-Courtney Rhinehart, Rep-Emily Waline

Eighth Class Officers- Pres-Kyrah Sissel, Vice-Clayton Essick

2017-2018 Advisor-Heather Scoville

Student Body President- Mitchell Thys

Senior Class Officers-President-Emma Cheney, Vice-President-Ben Toyne, Secretary/Treasurer-Mackenzie Lynn

Junior Class Officers-President-Macie Boots, Vice-President-Daniel Andrews, Secretary/Treasurer-Chloe Burmahl, Student Council Reps-Jolynne Schnebbe & Annah Pierce

Sophomore Class Officers-President-Josie Hall, Vice-President-Alyssa Pierce, Secretary/Treasurer-Reed Ward, Emma Baetsle

Freshman Class Officers-President-Mason Fruendt, Vice-President-Leo Ehrenberger, Secretary-Treasurer-Bobby Scoville

8th Grade Class Officers-President-Chelle Thys, Vice-President-Melana Blomme, Secretary/Treasurer-Courtney Rhinehart, Student Council Reps-Emily Waline & Nathan Kolesar

7th Grade Class Officers-Jack Cheney, Ashlyn Hall, Kyrah Sissel

2016-2017 MEMBERS Advisor- Paula Long

Student Body Presidents-Jesse Ward & Paris Sissel

Student Council

12th-Abbie Andrews, Nicole Schnebbe

11th-Mitch Thys, Ben Toyne, Mackenzie Lynn, Emma Cheney

10th-Daniel Andrews, Riley Simpson, Annah Pierce

9th-Alyssa Pierce, Josie Hall, Alyssa Kunz

8th-Mason Fruendt, Bobby Scoville, Ashleen Nowotny

7th-Chelle Thys, Melana Blomme, Courtney Rhinehart, Nathan Kolesar