2023-2024 Members- HLV-Aly Kempf, Nyla Frahm, Kollin Menicucci, Charlotte Pirkl, Morgan Rhinehart, Jayce Stevens, Andrew Thys, Raelene Hawkins, Serenity McClenathan, Aiden Van Waus, Travis Ballard, Tyler Ballard, Hailey Jack, Kenzie Kempf, and Ben Root.  BGM-Haeley Garringer, Kinze Lacayese, Gavin Slaubaugh, Landen Cooling, Madelynn Doty, Landon Pierce, Connie Schott, Ty Tish, Carter Tuttle, Greer Egerton, Abby Slater, Kyla Andrew

2023-2024 Officers-President McKenzie Kempf, Vice President Ben Root, Secretary Aiden Van Waus, Treasurer Raelene Hawkins, Reporter Hailey Jack, Sentinel Tyler Ballard 

2023 Activities  Below-  FFA members also ran a fall mum sale.  

Greenhand Activity

New Greenhouse-anxious for spring planting

2022-2023 Officers- President Charlie Baetsle, Vice President Logan Heishman, Secretary Ben Root, Treasurer Hailey Jack, Reporter McKenzie Kempf, Sentinel Tyler Ballard

FFA MEMBERS- Kyla Andrew, Anna Baetsle, Charlie Baetsle, Travis Ballard, Tyler Ballard, Brooklyn Costello, Madelynn Doty, Greer Egerton, Raelene Hawkins,  Logan Heishman, Hailey Jack, McKenzie Kempf, Dalton Lynn, Serenity McClenathan, Landon Pierce, Ben Root, Connie Schott, Brody Sternhagen, AJ Stevens, Ty Tish, Carter Tuttle, Aiden Van Waus.  


2022 Banquet Awards-The following awards were handed out at the 2022  Banquet:Greenhand Degrees-Kyla Andrew, Anna Baetsle, Travis Ballard, Hailey Heishman, Dalton Lynn, AJ StevensChapter Degrees- Charlie Baetsle, Tyler Ballard, Logan Heishman, Wyatt Heishman, Hailey Jack, McKenzie Kempf, Ben RootCareer Development Events Quad County Soil Judging-Anna Baetsle, Kylie Berry, AJ Gensley, Hailey Heishman, Logan Heishman, Wyatt Heishman, Donnie Kruse, Grace Siems, Ben Thys District Soil JudgingKylie Berry, Hailey Heishman, Logan Heishman, Grace Siems2022 Sub-districts Welding-Donnie Kruse, AJ Stevens 2022 District Farm Business Management-Charlie BaetsleState Convention (Team Ag Sales) Kylie Berry, Hailey Heishman, Logan Heishman, Donnie Kruse(Poultry Evaluation) Tyler Ballard, Ben Root, McKenzie Kempf, Hailey Jack(Farm Business Management)Charlie Baetsle, AJ Gensley, Grace Siems, Ben ThysLeadership Development Events (Individual Ag Sales)-Kylie Berry(Job Interview)-Hailey Heishman (Greenhand Quiz) Anna BaetsleIowa Youth Institute-Hailey HeishmanDekalb Agricultural Accomplishment Award-Ben ThysStrawberry Sales-Clay Essick, Jack Butler, AJ Gensley, Hailey Jack, Ben Thys


2021-2022 OFFICERS AND MEMBERS- Pres-Ben Thys, Vice-Pres-Kylie Berry, Sentinel-Donnie Kruse, Reporter-Hailey Jack, Treasurer-Kenzie Kempf, Secretary-Logan Heishman      MEMBERS--Charlie Baetsle, Tyler Ballard, Jack Butler, Clayton Essick, AJ Gensley, Hailey Heishman, Wyatt Heishman, Dalton Lynn, Ben Root, Grace Siems, Blake Stevens, AJ Stevens, Jaylin Van Lancker, Kyla Andrew, and Travis Ballard. 

2020-2021 BANQUET






2021 Stem Greenhouse Tour and Demonstration

2020-2021 FFA MEMBERS AND OFFICERS- President-Rylie Timm, Vice-President -Kylie Berry and Kayla Jack, Treasurer-Ben Thys, Secretary-Karlee Timm, Reporter-Ashleen Nowotny, Sentinel-Marcus Kolesar..........Members-Charlie Baetlse, Tyler Ballard, Jack Butler, Leo Ehrenberger, Clayton Essick, Mason Fruendt, AJ Gensley, Logan Heishmann, Wyatt Heishman, LJ Henkle, Hailey Jack, McKenzie Kempf, Donavin Kruse, Wyatt Robison, Ben Root, Hanna Saland, Grace Siems, Blake Stevens, Jaylin Van Lancker, Garrett Wintermeyer, Jacob Wright, and Kayla York.   

2021 FFA Sub-district Contestants- left to right-Donnie Kruse (silver in welding), Blake Stevens (silver in welding), Ben Thys (silver individual ag sale and sold a stainless steel pig feeder) and Leo Ehrenberger (bronze radio broadcast).  

Quad County Soil Judging 2019

Front row:  Rylie Timm, Sterling Kriegel, Garrett Wintermeyer, Charlie Baetsle, Lane Conaway

Back row:  Jacob Wright Leslee Becker, Jaycie Coffey, Sam Gensley, Zander McCulley, Reid Nowotny, Wyatt Robison, Blake Weber 

2019-2020 FFA OFFICERS- Pres-Kody Timm, CO-VP-Kayla Jack and Sterling Kriegel, Sentinel-Sam Gensley, Reporter-Nadia Schafbuch, Treasurer-Will Bayer, Secretary-Rylie Timm  


President-Sterling Kriegel, Vice-President-Kody Timm, Secretary-Lexie Van Thournout, Treasurer-Will Bayer, Reporter-Nadia Schafbuch, Sentinel-Rylie Timm.  Other members-  Levi Stevens, Sydney Demmel, Jordan Van Lancker, Sam Gensley, Kody Timm, Reed Ward, Emma Baetsle, Zoie Gillison, Blake Weber, Leo Ehrenberger, Hunter Lynn, Kayla Jack, Alexis Timm, Karlee Timm, Eric Cadden, Hanna Saland, Marcus Kolesar, Owen Bayer, Kylie Berry, Lj Hendle, Ben Thys, Jaylin Van Lancker, Leslee Becker, Blake Stevenson.  

2017-2018 FFA members- Hunter Lynn, Leo Ehrenberger, Emma Cheney, Lexie Van Thournout, Carson Cheney, Darrin Huber, Kayla Jack, Rylie Timm, Mandi Niemeyer, Levi Stevens, Reed Ward, Sam Gensley, Kody Timm, Will Bayer, Owen Van Waus, Brandon Schafbuch, Sydney Demmel, Nadia Schafbuch  Advisor Morgan Dietrich


On Tuesday, September 26, HLV Ag students and FFA members had the opportunity to tour the Monanto seed production facility in Grinnell.  The students spent the morning learning about Monsanto, career opportunities, and then toured both plants where they got to see how seed corn is processed into bagged seed from start to finish.  They ended the day with lunch.

Front Row-Nadia Schafbuch, Kayla Jack, Alexis Timm, Rylie Timm, Karlee Timm

Second Row-Madison Weiermann, Makayla Kochuyt, Ty Kruse, Reed Ward, Owen Van Waus, Brendan Wood, Darrin Huber, Leo Ehrenberger, Trase Kriegel, Hunter Lynn

Third Row-Kaity Berry, Makenna Nowotny, Mandi Niemeyer, Levi Stevens, Brandon Schafbuch, Sam Gensley, Kody Timm, Will Bayer, Brandon Davis, Lyden Klesner 

Leadership Conference 2016

by Nate Van Buren

On April 19th-21st the HLV FFA chapter took part in the 88th Iowa FFA Leadership Conference in Ames, Iowa. This is the second year that the FFA chapter has attended the event that hosted over 5,000 students from 226 FFA chapters across the state of Iowa.This year the HLV FFA chapter took 13 FFA member and two advisors.

On April 19th the group departed from the school at 3:30 P.M. westbound towards Ames. Immediately upon arriving in Ames students toured the Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine. While there students were given the opportunity to see the many classrooms, dissection labs, surgery suites, as well as the the small and large animal hospitals. Following the tour students dined at Ames Mongolian grill, before their stay at the Hilton Garden Inn of Ames. Students enjoyed their evening at Perfect Games with bowling, lazer tag, and an arcade.

Monday kicked off the official beginning of the Iowa FFA Convention. Edmond Henning who advanced through sub-district and district competition, competed among 11 other students in the Career Development Event, Extemporaneous Speaking. Ed gave an excellent performance, and earned a gold rating. Ed was later recognized on stage during the 1st general session, along with the 3 other students who achieved a gold.

Other activities that students participated in Monday morning included the college/career fair, which included trade schools, community colleges, and universities from across the Midwest. Students were able to spectate one of the over 12 Career Development Events; including Conduct of Meetings, Parliamentary Procedure, Ag Broadcasting, FFA Creed Speaking, among many more. Workshops were also available for students to participate in, focusing primarily on leadership in agriculture.

Monday afternoon the chapter traveled 10 south of Ames to the Monsanto Learning center in Huxley Iowa. While at the Learning Center students learned about seed and planting technology used today in commercial production. Following the 2 hour tour of Monsanto students returned to the Hilton Coliseum for the first general session of the FFA Convention. Rick Rigsby, a renowned motivational speaker gave the keynote address and filled Hilton with laughter.

Monday night ended for the students with an FFA barbeque at the newly constructed ISU livestock pavilion. Following the barbeque the students enjoyed FFA Fun Night at Iowa State's Memorial Union, and learned how to line dance.

The final day of the convention students toured Ag Leader Technology in Ames. While visiting Ag Leader students learned about the story of the company, technology, and future of agriculture. Students were able to see how precision planting and yield monitor technology are designed and manufactured. Following their early tour of Ag Leader students returned to attend the second general session of the convention, which recognized students and chapters across the state for their accomplishments.

With a break between sessions students toured the Iowa State University campus, ate a Mexican lunch at El Azteca restaurant, and toured the many livestock farms owned and operated by Iowa State. Lastly students took part in the closing convention session, before traveling back to Victor.

FFA Advisor Corey Van Otegham said in regards to the convention, "This is a great experience for students to be able to see what other FFA chapters are doing across the state, and bring some of those ideas back to our chapter. Edmond did an outstanding job in Extemporaneous Speaking, and my goal is to bring more individuals and teams to compete in the many Career Development Events that the FFA has to offer. The students had fun, got to meet other FFA members from other chapters, and toured some businesses that help tie the industry to what we learn in the classroom. The students are excited, and we're already starting to make plans for next year."

2016-2017 Members-Camiel Blomme, Owen Van Waus, Lexie Van Thournout, Brandon Schafbuch, Levi Stevens, Jacob Coats, Nicole Schnebbe, Sydney Demmel, Derick Weiermann, Carson Cheney, Kody Timm, Kyler Klesner, Nadia Schafbuch, Meredith Schnebbe, Dakota Huber, Will Bayer, Brooke Kuesel, Emma Cheney, Corrie Craig, Payton Robinson, Jordan Van Lancker  Advisor Corey Van Otegham

2015-2016 Members-Payton Robison, Nate Van Buren, Ed Henning, Camiel Blomme, Brandon Schafbuch, Brooke Kuesel, Emma Cheney, Corrie Craig, Jordan Van Lancker, Haley Coats, Lexie Sonka, Mandi Niemeyer, Wade Van Ogeham, Jacob Coats, Owen Van Waus, Dakota Tuttle, Garner Lynn, Wyatt Kaplan Brendan Wood, Levi Stevens  Advisor Corey Van Otegham

2014-2015 Members- Emily Otte, Brandon Schafbuch, CCamiel Blomme, Ed Henning, Payton Robison, Dakota Huber, Wyatt Kaplan, Jacob Coats, Nate Van Buren, Wade Van Otegham, Garner Lynn, Alex Miller, Mandi Niemeyer, Emma Cheney, Brooky Kuesel, Corrie Craig  Advisor Corey Van Otegham