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    Teaching our Youth of Today to be Leaders of Tomorrow

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Track & Field Boys

STATE TRACK QUALIFIER- Beau York 110 High Hurdles and 400 Low Hurdles.   

2022 DRAKE RELAYS- Beau York qualified in the 100 High hurdles and the 400 low hurdles.   

2022 ​SICL All-Conference Results- 1st Team Beau York, 2nd Team Boston York, Donnie Kruse, Max Henstorf, Hunter Bazyn

Pictured below:  front row-Jack Cheney, Matthew Krug, Beau York, Donnie Kruse, Kyler Gorsh  middle row-Carter Scholtus, Brody Sternhagen, Julian Martinez, Nolan Pirkl, Austin Van Hamme, Mason Westerdale  back row-Coach Kevin Smith, Max Henstorf, Boston York, Cole Fontinel, Tyler Ballard, Travis Ballard not pictured Hunter Bazyn

2021 STATE TRACK RESULTS- Shuttle Hurdle-6th place 1:04.42 Marcus Kolesar, Donnie Kruse, Max Henstorf, Beau York, 110 high hurdles-3rd place 15.19 Beau York, 400 low hurdles-2nd 54.93 Beau York, 4 x 400-16th 3:35.14 Brody Sternhagen, Owen Bayer, Garrett Westerdale, Beau York.   

​2021 SICL ALL-CONFERENCE- 1st team-Beau York, Brody Sternhagen, Donnie Kruse and Garrett Westerdale.  2nd team-Marcus Kolesar and Max Henstorf.  Honorable Mention-Owen Bayer and Jack Cheney.

State Track Participants 2021

2021 STATE TRACK-  HLV will be sending 4 events to state.  Beau York in the 110 hurdles and the 400 hurdles, the Shuttle Hurdle Relay-Marcus Kolesar, Donnie Kruse, Max Henstorf and Beau York (alternates Owen Bayer and Grant Hall)  and the 4 x 400 relay of Brody Sternhagen, Owen Bayer, Garrett Westerdale, and Beau York (alternates Donnie Kruse, Grant Hall) 

2021 BOYS VARSITY TRACK-   Head coach-Kevin Smith

Jack Cheney, Matthew Krug, Owen Bayer, Beau York, Kaleb Sternhagen, Marcus Kolesar, Ethan Licht, Brody Sternhagen, Donnie Kruse, Max Henstorf, Mason Fruendt, Nolan Pirkl, Cole Fontinel, Kyler Gorsh, Landon Hall, Grant Hall, Carter Scholtus, Tyler Ballard.

 2021 Rick Wanamaker Invitational Champions

2021 HS track photo gallery below

2021 Junior High Track  Coach-Matt Vavroch

Tucker Donaldson, Aiden Van Waus, Hunter Bazyn, Peyton Roth, AJ Stevens, Travis Ballard, Cade Hollowell, Devon Weisskopf, Derek Willett, Landyn Ankrum. 

2020 Boys Varsity Track       The season was called off.         Here is the roster if we could have had the season.  Coach Kevin Smith 

Will Bayer, Sam Gensley, Ty Kruse, Kody Timm, Carson Cheney, Owen Bayer, Marcus Kolesar, Kaleb Sternhagen, Tyson Robertson, Garrett Westerdale, Matt Krug, Donavin Kruse, Braxton Rohret, Dylan Schafbuch, Brayen Shaull, Beau York, Jack Cheney, Reid Nowotny

2019 Boys Track    Coach-Kevin Smith

Chase Sternhagen, Dean Shaull, Brendan Wood, Levi Stevens, Will Bayer, Sam Gensley, Ty Kruse, Kody Timm, Shawn Blankenship, Mason Fruendt, Marcus Kolesar, Kaleb Sternhagen, Tyson Robertson, Garrett Westerdale, Matt Krug, Donavin Kruse, Dylan Schafbuch, Beau York 

​State Track 2019

Shuttle Hurdle- 11th-Kody Timm, Marcus Kolesar, Dean Shaull, Beau York

Sprint Medley-19th-Dean Shaull Kody Timm, Sam Gensley, Chase Sternhagen

4 x 400 Relay- 19th-Dean Shaull, Garrett Westerdale, Sam Gensley, Chase Sternhagen

Post Season Honors-   SICL All Conference 2019

1st Team  Dean Shaull, Kody Timm, Sam Gensley, Chase Sternhagen, Marcus Kolesar, Beau York

2nd Team  Garrett Westerdale, Will Bayer

Honorable Mention  Brendan Wood

2019 SICL CONFERENCE PLACINGS-   Team- Conference Runner-up 86 points

Brendan Wood 5th Shot Put and 3rd Discus, Sprint Medley 1st (Shaull, Timm, Gensley, Sternhagen), Mason Fruendt 8th 3200,  6th 4 x 800 (D. Kruse, T. Kruse, Schafbuch, Bayer), Shuttle Hurdle 1st (Shaull, Kolesar, Timm, York), Distance Medley 2nd (York, Timm, Westerdale, Bayer), Sam Gensley 4th 400, 4 x 200 1st (Shaull, Kolesar, Gensley, Sternhagen), 110 High Hurdles Beau York 5th and Dean Shaull 6th, Donavin Kruse 7th 800, Chase Sternhagen 2nd 200,  Marcus Kolesar 5th 400 Hurdles, 4 x 100 8th (Lee, D. Kruse, Blankenship, T. Kruse), 4 x 400 2nd (Kolesar, Westerdale, Gensley, Sternhagen)

2018 VARSITY BOYS TRACK TEAM                     COACH- Kevin Smith

Owen Bayer, Mason Fruendt, Marcus Kolesar, Kaleb Sternhagen, Garrett Westerdale, Will Bayer, Sam Gensley, Kody Timm, Braydon Rohrer, Cody Frahm, Chase Sternhagen, Levi Stevens, Dean Shaull, Brendan Wood, Kyle Frank, Brandon Schafbuch, Ben Toyne, Owen Van Waus     

2017  Varsity Team

Camiel Blomme, Michael Davis, Isaiah Ehrenberger, Dakota Huber, Wyatt Kaplan, Kenny Kriegel,  Derick Weiermann, Brandon Schafbuch, Owen Van Waus, Kyle Frank, Cody Frahm, Chase Sternhagen, Levi Stevens, Dean Shaull, Brendan Wood, Chris Hilligas, Sam Gensley, Caden Fontinel, Kody Timm, Will Bayer, Ty Kruse, and Braydon Rohrer.


Chase Sternhagen-800 meter run

4 x 200-Brandon Schafbuch, Owen Van Waus, Wyatt Kaplan, Camiel Blomme

Sprint Medley-Wyatt Kaplan, Owen Van Waus, Camiel Blomme, Chase Sternhagen

Distance Medley-Owen Van Waus, Camiel Blomme, Sam Gensley, Chase Sternhagen

2016 Track and Field Picture


Kevin Smith


State Qualifiers  



Warrior Relay Records  (This meet no longer held)


2022 JUNIOR HIGH TRACK-pictured below

front row-Bryer Jack, Cael Weisskopf, Garett Read, Allan Scott, Kollin Menicucci, Gavin DeMeulenaere, Drew Thys   back row-Colton Butler, Keegan Gorsh, Aiden Van Waus, Cory Levine, Derek Willett, Hayden Shafer, Landyn Ankrum, Coach Matt Vavroch 

2020 JUNIOR  HIGH TRACK (season was called off for Covid-19)  The following would have participated:  Coach Matt Vavroch  Members-Blake Wolf, Cole Fontinel, Boston York, Ben Root, Peyton Roth, AJ Stevens, Hunter Bazyn, Nolan Pirkl, Brody Sternhagen, Ethan Licht, Derek Weisskopf, Max Henstorf, Tyler Ballard, Julian Martinez, Luke Butler, Carter Scholtus, and Travis Ballard.   


Reid Nowotny, Max Henstorf, Jack Cheney, Derek Weisskopf, Cole Fontinel, Tyler Ballard, Ben Root, Nolan Pirkl, Brody Sternhagen, Boston York, Ethan Licht, Jacob Wright    Manager-Wyatt Robison


Colton Boyer, Ben Thys, Donavin Kruse, Kyler Gorsh, Dylan Schafbuch, AJ Gensley, Steven Leonard, Jack Cheney, Beau York, Matt Krug, Reid  Nowotny, Jacob Wright, Lane Conaway, Brayen Shaull Braxton Rohret.  

JH TRACK 2017-Coach Matt Vavroch

AJ Gensley, Brayen Shaull, Marcus Kolesar, Beau York, Kaleb Sternhagen, Colton Boyer, Donnie Kruse, Ben Thys, Owen Bayer, Shawn Blankenship, Garrett Westerdale

Congratulations to the JH Team for winning the SICL Conference meet in 2017!  Great job!

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