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  • Teaching our Youth of Today to be Leaders of Tomorrow

    Teaching our Youth of Today to be Leaders of Tomorrow

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Golf Boys

ALL-STATE GOLF- Ethan Kupka qualified for the state golf meet after finishing as the District champion.   Ethan Kupka placed 4th at state golf!

ALL CONFERENCE SELECTIONS 2020-2021-  1st Team-Ethan Kupka, Ben Thys and Boston York-Honorable Mention 

 2021 GOLF    Head coach- Cory Lahndorf     Asst- Rod Cooling

Ben Thys, Jack Butler, Wyatt Robison, Leo Ehrenberger, Ethan Kupka, Sully Smith, Nathan Kolesar, Reid Nowotny, Ben Root, Boston York, Lane Conaway, Clayton Essick, Cody Adams,  Tyler Ballard, Jacob Wright, Dalton Lynn.  

2019-20 Golf-Season was cancelled due to Corona Virus.  The following were planning to participate:  Head Coach Cory Lahndorf  

Asst- Rod Cooling

Team members- Jack Cheney, Donnie Kruse, Reed Ward, Caden Fontinel, Sully Smith, Nathan Kolesar, Hunter Lynn, Carson Cheney, Leo Ehrenberger, Wyatt Robison, Colton Boyer, Ethan Kupka, Ben Thys, AJ Gensley, Brody Wolf, Colton York, Lane Conaway, Cody Adams, Kaleb Sternhagen, Clay Essick, Chandler Klein and Jacob Wright.   

 2019 Golf Team-  Ty Kruse, Brody Wolf, Carson Cheney, Ethan Kupka, Reed Ward, Colton York, Caden Fontinel, Ben Thys, Hunter Lynn, Dan Andrews, Nathan Kolesar, Cody Adams, Owen Bayer, Tyson Robertson, Sully Smith, A.J. Gensley, Colton Boyer, Cody Frahm.    Coach Cory Lahndorf

2019 SICL Golf Honors-    1st Team  Ethan Kupka and Brody Wolf  Honorable Mention  Caden Fontinel and Carson Cheney

2018  GOLF TEAM    Head Coach-Cory Lahndorf
Caden Fontinel, Carson Cheney, Ethan Kupka, Reed Ward, Tyson Robertson, Mitch Thys, Lyden Klesner, Brody Wolf, Braydon Rohrer, Colton York, Ty Kruse, Dan Andrews, Kyle Frank, Ben Toyne.


Seniors-Tucker Jones, Wyatt Kaplan, Peyton Simmons

Juniors- Mitch Thys, Ben Wolf, Lyden Klesner, Kyle Frank

Sophomore-Daniel Andrews

Freshmen- Colton York, Brody Wolf, Carson Cheney, Reed Ward, Caden Fontinel, Kody Timm


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