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  • Teaching our Youth of Today to be Leaders of Tomorrow

    Teaching our Youth of Today to be Leaders of Tomorrow

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FAFSA step by step

This is ICANs recording of their virtual webinar.   

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Last Dollar Scholarship

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Safe at Home -support for violent crimes

Safe at Home Address Confidentiality Program is for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking, stalking, or violent crimes. This program helps survivors improve their lives with the following services:

  • substitute address.
  • mail forwarding service.
  • confidential voter registration and absentee voting.
  • The participants' first-class, legal, certified mail, prescriptions and government packages arrive at a substitute address and are then forwarded to the participants' confidential addresses.

More information can be found at their below website, and you can also request a speaker to speak to your group more about the program on their outreach page.



Erin Monaghan, Director, Better Tomorrows ECIPO Box 516Vinton, IA 52349319/214-1471 

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Earning College Credit while in High School

Any junior or senior is eligible to take college courses while in high school.  Students must apply to the college HLV is partnered with first.  The next step for students is to take the college entrance exam mandated by the selected contracted college; students must be able to assess at a collegiate level before gaining access to the college courses.  Any freshman or sophomore who has been selected for talented and gifted may also participate in college courses.   Please watch the link below for greater details and how to register for classes.


CCHS Video - YouTube

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
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Iowa Financial Know-How Challenge: Senior Scholarship

Oct. 19–Feb. 26: Iowa Financial Know-How Challenge: Senior Scholarship

  • Open to: Iowa high school seniors who will attend college in fall 2021
  • Awards: Thirty $2,000 college scholarships plus $100 to each recipient's high school
  • Requirements: Register online and then follow emailed instructions to complete two online components and a related assessment. Scholarships are awarded to the 30 students with the highest scores. A tiebreaker may be required.
  • Start at: www.IowaStudentLoan.org/SeniorScholarship
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Click here for Mental Health, Suicide Awareness, and Self Care

Please use this information as you need.  If you are seeking information and help here are some resources that may help.  Please talk to me if you would like more information or help.

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Van Wall Full Scholarship for Ag Diesel

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LendEDU Scholarship Database

In an effort to help students afford their higher education, our team at LendEDU recently updated our guide to college scholarships to help students find relevant opportunities specifically for them.

Within this update, we have added our new search tool where students can filter scholarship opportunities based on their grade level, GPA, the scholarship amount, and the requirements of the scholarship.

On top of this new tool, our resource teaches students and families the importance of searching for scholarships when figuring out how to pay for college. Here is the URL:

Note: You can click the link at the top of the page to jump down to the scholarship search tool.

Here are some other points we cover in the guide:
- Different Types of Scholarships Available
- Applying for Scholarships
- Essay Tips
- Letters of Recommendation Tips
- Spotting Scholarship Scams

We have also included YouTube videos from our channel to help make the information a little more digestible and entertaining.

This resource would be very useful for your students and could certainly help them find some opportunities relevant to them. 

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Need a transcript?

 If you need a transcript to apply to one of the scholarships, just let Karla Robison know.  Let me know where you would like it sent or if you need an electronic form.  

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Mt. Mercy College - FREE Tuition for 4 Years!

Check out the details.... 

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Juniors Plan your Adventure

Junior I Have a Plan Day

We have several items for you to accomplish today. Today is meant to help you plan for next fall and beyond; please be honest with yourself and take your time. If you rush through and not think about the questions you are answering you are only hurting yourself.

The schedule for today:

  • Mock Interview Schedule - On Thursday, March 8th we will be hosting a mock interview for all freshmen and juniors. Please take this opportunity to practice your application skills. This is a formal presentation and first impression of yourself upon future potential employers. Please click on they hyperlink and fill out the application.


  • PSAT Results - I will walk you through the PSAT results and hand back your test booklets.
  • ASVAB Results - Go to www.asvabprogram.com and click login. Enter the access code found on right side of your test results. This will show you your strengths, the more books you have piled the stronger that skill is. Under step 1 click on Take the FYI. Begin to do the assessment. Please write down your results on the paper provided. Once you have completed this you are welcome to look through the various occupations based on you FYI score and compare your strengths to the careers that are high in your FYI category. Please write down the top 3 careers you are considering right now.
  • NO ASVAB - go here www.Plan your Adventure.net - If you did not take the ASVAB please go to www.planyouradventure.net. You will take the interest inventories here and investigate your careers. Please circle the strength you feel is best for yourself.
  • AFTER ASVAB - Please record your findings from ASVAB on www.planyouradventure.net You will log in with your school Google account. You do not need to retake your inventories, if they have changed please change them based on your findings with ASVAB, save and continue. Please update your courses for your 4 year plan.
  • Activities Resume - I have a few activities resume shared with me. Please update your personal resume. If you sit and brainstorm all the items you have been involved with now, it will make your life so much easier when you apply for scholarships and colleges. I will reshare any resumes I have. If you can't find yours, please recreate another one.
  • Iowa Return on College Reality Check - Do you want to be able to buy a BMW or a Honda Civic when you graduate? Do you want a 3 bedroom house or a studio apartment? Learn what an entry level person makes when you graduate from college and see if this is what you truly want out of life or do you want more? Click the hyperlink to travel here. http://www.iowastudentloan.org/smart-borrowing/return-on-college-investment/whats-your-roci.aspx
  • Research your top colleges, figure out what it takes to get in, and make sure you are on track academically.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS -there are a few scholarships out there designated for juniors if you are interested in signing up for scholarship search engines go here to do so. You may want to create another email account before doing so.https://sites.google.com/site/hlvschoolcounseling/home/scholarship-websites-recommended-by-ican
  • Schedule College Visits - make sure you are comfortable where you are going so it is a better transition from high school and college.
  • What else do you need? Register for ACTs? go here: http://www.actstudent.org/
    • Compass test? - talk to Mrs. Robison
    • Military? - talk to Mrs. Robison

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Sophomore Plan Your Future Morning + Career Fair Lesson

We have several items for you to accomplish today. We will work through the 10th Grade Guideway and get a better understanding of what you may or may not want to pursue after high school. We will also prepare for Iowa County Career Fair to be held Wednesday, November 8th.

The schedule for today:

  • MAP -My Academic Plan take your time and answer this honestly. This year you need to focus on what you want to become, so next year you can focus on the best college/university for you to attend. Your senior year is for actual applying for school and finding money to pay for school.
  • Activities Resume - I have a few activities resume shared with me. Please update your personal resume. If you sit and brainstorm all the items you have been involved with now, it will make your life so much easier when you apply for scholarships and colleges. I will reshare any resumes I have. If you can't find yours, please recreate another one. Be sure to make a copy of my document before you begin typing!
  • At 10:00 AM everyone must be done with your I Have A Plan Guideway and have your resume updated and printed off. We will begin working on interview skills, the type of questions to ask, and what you need to wear on November 8th.
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Seniors Plan Your Future Morning


Senior I Have a Plan Day - Google Docs

Seniors you will need to complete the checklist and the checkout form at the end of this document.  They are printed off and in your packets you will receive.  Please be productive today and take the time to plan your future and complete much needed tasks before graduation.
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ACT/SAT Prep Materials

Below you will find a link to information about a special offer you and any of your students may use to receive discounted access to an online (or DVD) ACT and/or SAT study guide to help students prepare for the ACT and/or SAT test. This program is offered through the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). Professional athletes and other organizations fund the program. The cost of a standard ACT or SAT study program is usually $350, but through this program, each is available for $20.00, which covers licensing, registration, customer support, shipping, or online access fees.

Also, please check out a new back to school special program called the: "SAT/ACT PowerPrep Premium Pro with Math Super Supplement". It is valued at $700, but is available for $40 through this program.

The link below provides ordering information and additional information about all programs. The online program or DVD can be ordered using a credit card or check.


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Writers' Workshop Participants 2018   4th and 5th grade students

Left to right-Hudson Nunnelley, Connor Brooke, Anna Baetsle, Ema Roberts, Lizzie Grier, Nicole Gensley, Raegen Stowell, Devon Weisskopf, Jenna Rajtora, Alexis Hull, Elly Cash, Hunter Bazyn, and Natalie Van Polen.  


Kindergarten won the K-1 division.  3rd grade won the 2/3 division.  The 4th grade winning class was Mrs. Ely's class.  The 5th grade won the 5/6 division and was also named the overall winner.  Great job everyone!


​Elementary classes at the Old Creamery Presentation. 

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Job Shadow and Internship Information

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Freshmen I Have a Plan Session

​You have 2 things you will need to complete this morning.  You will need to complete your career interest inventory and will learn what your RAI score is to see if you are on track to gain college admissions when you graduate.  You will also start your activities resume which you will keep throughout your high school career and update your activities each year.  By the time you are a senior you will have documented everything you have participated in, all the awards you have received, and all the volunteer hours you have put in so filling out college applications and scholarship applications will be a breeze and will not take a long time to sit and remember everything you have done.  As you are quietly filling out your career inventory and your activities resume, I will be meeting with students to take your course requests for next year, look over how many credits you have earned and change your career path if we need to.

1.  Please go to https://www.planyouradventure.net/ to begin your career inventory.  Please create a log in and create an account using our school Google account.  Be sure to write down your password so you will not forget it from year to year.  You will answer a series of questions, once you are done your ticket out is print off the results and hand them in to me.  

2.  Once you have completed your Adventure, you will now fill out an Activities resume.  This is a Google Document, please make a copy before typing also share this document back with me for safe keeping.  You will highlight the area you need to enter your information and begin typing.  Once you have completed your resume and documented everything you have accomplished or will accomplish before your sophomore year, please print and hand this to Mrs. Robison as well.   https://docs.google.com/document/d/16J0FD8wgR5TAQpiiw8LRZjrpCvLqx1uxPW0HmR2Eydo/edit?usp=sharing  

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Website for weird scholarships

​A website for out of the way scholarships that are categorized by state, major, and other interests.  https://weirdscholarships.net/

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HLV Junior I Have a Plan Day

​We have a full morning scheduled today.  The first thing we will do is meet with Doug Bannon from Kirkwood this morning.  It is time to start shopping for your colleges so you have your choices narrowed down by September.  You will need to apply by October and have your financial aid filed between October 1st and December 1st of fall.  It is also wise to know where you want to go for college by next fall because several college scholarships open in the fall and are awarded before Spring semester, this gives you a chance to apply.

At 9:00 AM Lori McClenathan will be coming in to teach you the best practices on filling out applications and preparing your resume.  HLV will be hosting a mock interview day on April 6th to begin practicing for those future professional positions, scholarship and collegiate interviews.  

The first thing Lori will have you practice is filling out an online application.  Please do your very best because your interviewers will see the results of this application.  Be sure you spell things accurately and use proper punctuation and capitalization within this document.

Click here to fill out your online application

The next project you will need to complete is creating a professional looking resume.  This will prove very useful next year for not only applying for jobs and positions but also for filling out scholarship and college applications.  If your resume is well formatted you can often copy and paste all of your activities and clubs you are involved in to scholarship applications.  It is also useful when you are needing a letter of recommendation, it is appropriate etiquette for you to ask for a recommendation and hand the person your resume to help them remember all the leadership qualities you possess and give them a due date because often times these teachers, community members, and employers are very busy themselves.  I also recommend typing out your silver cord activities, please do not enter Silver Cord because many people do not know what that is, list every volunteer item out and how many hours you put in to each activity or years you have helped.  This makes you look more impressive on paper.

Please print and hand in your resume before you leave here today to Mrs. Robison.  You have created an activity resume already, please use this one if you can find it in your Google Drive.  If not, click here to begin a new Activities resume.  Be sure to make a copy before typing on it.  Please print off your resume.

Mt. Mercy representative is scheduled to be here at 10:30 this morning to talk to you as well.

Once you complete your application and resume, the next thing you need to work on is I Have a Plan.  

Click here to log in to your account

Once you are logged in, please click on My Portfolio in the top right hand corner.  In the 4th orange box on the right side down, click All Guideways.  Please start your 11th grade guideway in career assessment.  Please complete your guideway.  Once you complete your guideway, click into college planning and begin looking at the several different colleges and your options available. 

While everyone is actively working on the guideway, I will begin working with each individual to begin planning your classes your senior year.  

Thank you for working hard today, being polite and on task as always.  Please use this time constructively and really begin planning your future.  If you start now, it will make the stress of senior year a little easier to manage.

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HLV Dollars for Scholars

​Are you looking for a way to help HLV students achieve their dreams and goals?  You found the right place because we are always looking for assistance at HLV Dollars for Scholars.  You can learn more about our committee as we raise money to go towards scholarships given to our local students.  We also welcome any donations or new scholarships created.  Please take a look at our website and contact us for more information

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