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  • Teaching our Youth of Today to be Leaders of Tomorrow

    Teaching our Youth of Today to be Leaders of Tomorrow

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2019-2020 Advisor-Karla Robison

New members 2019-20  Preston Willett, Rylie Timm, Kayla Jack, Aleya Roberts, Kayla York, Olivia Van Waus, Tacy Andrews, Anna Dursky

​ALL MEMBERS OF 2019-20  Front row new members

Back row-Carson Cheney, Amber Cooling, Meredith Schnebbe, Reed Ward, Caden Fontinel, Sam Gensley, Josie Hall, Nadia Schafbuch

​Advisor-Rebecca deSouza 2018-19

​On October 10, 2018 ten new members were inducted to the HLV National Honor Society.  The new members are in the picture listed below.  From left to right-Nadia Schafbuch, Chloe Burmahl, Meredith Schnebbe, Jolynne Schnebbe, Reed Ward, Sam Gensley, Amber Cooling, Caden Fontinel, Carson Cheney, and Josie Hall.  They join Brandi Baetsle, Bobbi Jo Baetsle, Haley Coats, Makenna Nowotny, Dan Andrews, Macie Boots, and Lexie Van Thournout to make up the 2018-2019 chapter.  

2018 Veteran's Day Ceremony Photo Gallery

Here is the link to the Veteran's Day Ceremony  2017      https://vimeo.com/242375970/fea43bd778

2017-18 New Member Induction

The National Honor Society is an organization that recognizes students who demonstrate outstanding characteristics in the areas of scholarship, service, character, and leadership.  Members of this organization are a shining example of the positive qualities of our school.  


​Veteran's Day Program-Members are in charge each year of organizing and honoring our veterans by  presenting the yearly Veteran's Day Program.

Advertising-Members solicit advertising for the athletic programs for tournament games.

Flower beds-Members help take care of the flower beds on the school grounds.  


2017-2018     Mitchell Thys, Emma Cheney, Mariah Doran, Ben Toyne, Danny Andrews, Bobbi Jo Baetsle, Brandi Baetsle, Macie Boots, Haley Coats, Makenna Nowotny, Lexie Van Thournout, Alannah Walker, Lizzie Tanner

2016-2017     Brooke Kuesel, Jesse Ward, Paris Sissel, Abigail Andrews, Mitchell Thys, Mariah Doran, Emma Cheney, Ben Toyne Nicole Schnebbe, Kelsea Shaull, Taylor Crisman, Corrie Craig

2015-2016     Abigail Andrews, Brooke Kuesel, Madeline Kunz, Paris Sissel, Jesse Ward, Brittney Wood

2014-2015     Haley Deppe, Larisa Andrews, Shannon Foster, Brittney Wood

2013-2014     Scott Michalek, Larisa Andrews, Rhett Nowotny, Haley Deppe, Kayla Schafbuch, Chelsea Pierce, Abigail Schafbuch

2012-2013     Joseph Stiefel, Scott Michalek, Jonathan Dentel, Kyle McWilliams, Holly Bricker, Lauren Dursky, Rhett Nowotny, Kayla Schafbuch

2011-2012     Joseph Stiefel, Jonathan Dentel, Holly Bricker

2010-2011     Abbey Dentel, Carlin Michalek, Candace Pierce, Cecilia Hagen, Anthony Lynn, Ryan Grier, Dustin Schafbuch

2009-2010     Dustin Deppe, Erynn DeRycke, Morgan Schafbuch, Reed DeBrower, Abbey Dentel, Cecilia Hagen, Carlin Michalek, Candace Peirce, Preston Warnick

2008-2009     Kendra Damisch, Jonathan Faga, Boone DeBrower, Chrystal McClenathan, Dustin Deppe, Morgan Schafbuch, Erynn DeRycke, Sarah Smith, Brittany Sleeuwenhoek

2007-2008     Kayla Damisch, Dylan Miller, Jonathan Faga, Scott Riedel, Lacy Jahlas, Sarah Smith, Katie Kaplan, Saxon Van Buren, Robin Klaaren, Corey Van Otegham, Brittany Sleeuwenhoek                            

2006-2007     Rebecca Blomme, Kelsey Leigh, Amber Bringmann, Scott Riedel, Kayla Damisch, Jacie Smith, Stacey Dietrich, Peter Stifel, Tawny Happel, Ashley Timm, Faith Hinrichs, Saxon Van Buren, Lacy Jahlas, Corey Van Otegham, Katie Kaplan, Jessica Van Otegham, Kallie Warnick

2005-2006     Rebecca Blomme, Faith Hinrichs, Amber Bringmann, Vaugn Miller, Stacey Dietrich, Peter Stiefel, Tawny Happel, Terra Van Buren, Kallie Warnick

2004-2005     Ashley Ballard, Kacie Kriegel, Jake Bartachek, Alyssa McGrory, Shelby Beran, Vaugn Miller, Deanna Bryant, Rachel Pirkl, Samantha Bringmann, Sara Refer, Sarah Haman, Tom Stiefel, Tyler Happel, Terra Van Buren, Stephanie Kasal, Joe Verdeck

2003-2004     Ashley Ballard, Shelby Beran, Stephanie Beran, Samantha Bringmann, Jessica Cabalka, Jessica Hinrichs, Alyssa McGrory, Ryan Neuhaus, Brandon Phelps, Sara Refer, Mathew Reynolds, Sarah Risdon, Tom Stiefel, Ellen Thys, Joe Verdeck

2002-2003     Stephanie Beran, Jessica Cabalka, Teresa Faga, Emily Gensley, Jessica Hinrichs, David Jack, Jessica Lamb, Ryan McWilliams, Laura Meyer, Carrie Neuhaus, Ryan Neuhaus, Brandon Phelps, Laura Pirkl, Mathew Reynolds, Sarah Risdon, Ellen Thys, Aaron Timm

2001-2002     Teresa Faga, Erin McGrory, David Jack, Ryan McWilliams, Cari Kinzenbaw, Laura Meyer, Jessica Lamb, Laura Pirkl, Aaron Timm

2000-2001     Greg Dolmage, Ryan Folkmann, Sarah Hinrichs, Cari Kinzenbaw, Gina Martin, Erin McGrory, Erin Meyer, Robin Sullivan, Joseph Wilgenbusch

1999-2000     Jayme Pries, Jerilyn Crow, Sara Shine, Gina Martin, Erin Meyer, Emily Rhinehart, Michelle Wauters, Joseph Wilgenbusch, Greg Dolmage, Robin Sullivan

1998-1999     Tyler Folkmann, Miranda Van Waus, Corey Dietze, Jerilyn Crow, Michelle Wauters, Amanda Fredericks, Destiny Roth, Georgianne Fairchild, Jayme Pries, Sara Shine

1997-1998     Erin Bott, Amanda Fredericks, Wesley Cooling, Chris Furler, Jerilyn Crow, Jay Simmons, Melissa Faga, Michelle Stowell, Gigi Fairchild, Miranda Van Waus, Tyler Folkmann, Michael Warden

1996-1997     Tice Cole, Derik Parker, Aaron Healey, Nicole Wilgenbusch, Leslie Dolmage, Jennifer Border

1995-1996     Nicole Wilgenbusch, Leslie Dolmage, Aaron Healey, Melissa Faga, Tice Cole, Derik Parker, Erin   Greene, Erin Bott

1994-1995     Jennifer DeSmet, Wendy Hollopeter, Bret Schafbuch, Chris Sandersfeld, Leslie Dolmage, Jason Folkmann, Sheilah Lynch, Carrie Shine, Tice Cole, Derik Parker, Nicole Wilgenbusch

1993-1994     Tamara Kern, Crystal Verdeck, Andrea Claeys, Kara Cronbaugh, Chris Sandersfeld, Sheilah Lynch, Angela Faga, Heather Crow, Rachel Heitmann, Luke Healey, Carrie Shine, Jennifer DeSmet

1992-1993     Heidi Crow, Brian Blomme, Ashlee Sullivan, Grant Dolmage, Laura Wilgenbusch, Tamara Kern, Crystal Verdeck, Dani Ervin, Teri Fields, Karla Waterbeck, Ryan Wilbenbusch, Chad Williams, Eric Meyer, Angela Faga, Andrea Claeys

1991-1992     Robin Fuller, David Kruse, Teri Fields, Grant Dolmage, Ryan Wilbenbusch, Karla Waterbeck, Sherry Jack, William Lynch, Danielle Ervin, Brian Blomme, Heidi Crow, Chad Williams, Laura Wilgenbusch

1990-1991     Denise Bayer, Cari Chittick, Tineke DeSloover, Miriam Meyer, Kevin Rinehart, Dawn Pidima, Lisa     Roe, Julie Roberts, Brandi Shay, Suzie Slaymaker, Robin Fuller, Sherry Jack, David Kruse, Teri Fields, Bill Lynch

1989-1990     Denise Bayer, Cari Chittick, Nisa Kalambaheti, Miriam Meyer, Kevin Rhinehart, Brandi Shay, Lisa     Roe, Julie Blomme, Danielle DeNeve, Diane Roe, Dawn Pidima, Julie Roberts, Jodi Simpson, Suzie Slaymaker

1988-1989     Susan Blomme, Jeremy Crow, Meg DeCoster-Seaton, Chris DeSmet, Robert Farnum, Joel Glasgow, Kevin Ranfeld, Cathy Root, Julie Blomme, Kristin Waterbeck, Nisa Kalambaheti, Jodi Simpson, Diane Roe

1987-1988     Rhonda Bloomquist, Holli Crow, Paul Keller, Kris McWilliams, Melissa Meyer, Steve Roe, Susan Blomme, Meg DeCoster-Seaton, Robert Farnum, Joel Glasgow, Kevin Ranfeld, Cathy Root, Kristin Waterbeck

1986-1987     Chris Glotfelty, Robert Newberry, Sean Riedel, Eric Sloan, Lori Smith, Phil Van Waus, Rhonda Bloomquist, Paul Keller, Kris McWilliams, Mellissa Meyer, Steve Roe

2016-17   Front row-Brooke Kuesel, Jesse Ward, Paris Sissel, Abigail Andrews

Back row-Mitch Thys, Mariah Doran, Emma Cheney, Ben Toyne, Nicole Schnebbe, Kelsea Shaull, Taylor Crisman, Corrie Craig

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