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  • Teaching our Youth of Today to be Leaders of Tomorrow

    Teaching our Youth of Today to be Leaders of Tomorrow

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​DANCE COACH 2020-2021  Jorden Sawyer

Members-Hailey Jack, Claudia Boyer, Kayla Jack, Anna Dursky, Rylie Timm, Courtney Rhinehart, Chelle Thys, Colton Boyer, Quincie Smith, Karlee Timm, Anna DeMeulenaere, and Emily Waline manager

2019-2020 Momentum Dance Team-  Nadia Schafbuch, Makenna Weiermann, Anna Dursky, Colton Boyer, Chelle Thys, Courtney Rhinehart, Ivy Roth, and Emily Waline manager.     

2018-19 Dance Team

Makenna Nowotny (captain), Nadia Schafbuch (captain), Brandi Baetsle, Chloe Burmahl, Annah Pierce, Jolynne Schnebbe, Makenna Weiermann, Anna Dursky, Colton Boyer, Aimee Smith and Chelle Thys.   Manager-Sydney Demmel

2018 State Dance Competition

2017-2018 Momentum Dance Team

Nadia Schafbuch, Makenna Nowotny-co-captains

Chloe Burmahl, Madi Tapley, Maddy Weiermann, Charlee Fruendt, Jolynne Schnebbe, Makenna Weiermann, Ashleen Nowotny, Anna Dursky, Brandi Baetsle

​2017 STATE DANCE- Congratulations to the Dance Team for an awesome date at the Iowa State Dance Championships. The team got Division I ratings in both of their routines and brought home the 3rd place trophy in the Class I lights category.  They also placed 5th and received a trophy in the Class I Pom category. These are the first trophies the girls dance team has ever brought home from state!  

​2016-2017 Momentum Dance Team

Senior Paris Sissel (co-captain)

Juniors-Maddy Weiermann,  Charlee Fruendt, Emily Schabacker,  Mandi Niemeyer

Sophomores-Makenna Nowotny (co-captain), Chloe Burmahl,  Annah Pierce, Jolynne Schnebbe

Freshman-Nadia Schafbuch,  Madi Tapley, Makenna Weiermann, Kaylyn Davis

Manager-Macie Boots

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​2016-2017 State Competition Results

Division I rating in Class I Pom, Division I rating in Small School Lights

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