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  • Teaching our Youth of Today to be Leaders of Tomorrow

    Teaching our Youth of Today to be Leaders of Tomorrow

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2020-2021 WRESTING CHEERLEADERS-   Coach Britni Jack    Rylie Timm, Karlee Timm, Tacy Andrews, Emma Schafbuch, Quincie Smith, Anna DeMeulenaere

2020 Cheer Squad  Front Row  Tacy Andrews, Colton Boyer, Rylie Timm     Back Row-Quincie Smith, Chelle Thys, Anna DeMeulenaere, Emma Schafbuch, Kyla Roberts    Coach not pictured   Britni Jack


HLV 2020 Junior High Cheer-   BELOW Coach Britni Jack      (left to right)    Mackenzie Allee, Trista Wenger, Ema Roberts, Jordyn Menicucci, Lizzy Grier, Brielle Andrews, Reagen Stowell



2019-20 VARSITY FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS- Meredith Schnebbe, Rylie Timm, Chelle Thys, Emma Schafbuch, Colton Boyer, Hunter Conaway and Kyla Roberts

2019-20 JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS- Quincie Smith, Lizzy Grier, Ema Roberts,  Lexi York, Claudia Boyer, Addy Shaull and Heather Schafbuch

2019-20 VARSITY WRESTLING CHEERLEADERS- Morgan Rhinehart, Rylie Timm, Karlee Timm, Tacy Andrews, Alexis Roth, Hunter Conaway and Emma Schafbuch


2018-19 WRESTLING CHEERLEADERS-  Morgan Rhinehart, Ivy Roth, Rylie Timm, Karlee Timm, Emma Schafbuch, Lexi Roth, and Makenna Nowotny.   Coach-Britni Jack

 2018 FOOTBALL CHEER SQUAD         Coach Britni Jack

Varsity-Makenna Nowotny, Annah Pierce, Meredith Schnebbe, Ivy Roth, Rylie Timm, Jasmine Young, Chelle Thys, Emma Schafbuch, and Colton Boyer.  

Junior High- Hunter Conaway, Payten Martinson, Kyla Roberts, Quincie Smith, Addy Shaull, Lexi York, Heather Schafbuch, Claudia Boyer, and Hailey Jack.  



2017 Cheer Honor Squad Members- Makenna Nowotny and Alannah Walker. 

Pink Out Cancer Game 2017

2017 Fall Junior High Cheerleaders-  Payten Martinson, Kyla Roberts, Hunter Conaway, Chelle Thys, Lexi Roth, Emma Schafbuch     Coach Britni Jack

2017 Fall High School Cheerleaders and Competition Squad- Rylie Timm, Karlee Timm, Jasmine Young, Ivy Roth, Meredith Schnebbe, Macie Boots, Annah Pierce, Makenna Nowotny, Madison Weiermann, Charlee Fruendt, Alannah Walker    Coach Britni Jack

2017-2018 Wrestling Cheerleaders- Rylie Timm, Karlee Timm, Ivy Roth, Macie Boots, Annah Pierce,  Charlee Fruendt, Alanah Walker, Morgan Rhinehart   Coach Britni Jack

​2017 Varsity Cheerleaders Photo Gallery

​2017 Junior High Football Cheerleader Photo Gallery

2016 Fall Varsity Cheerleaders-Brandi Baetsle, Emma Baetsle, Charlee Fruendt, Makenna Nowotny, Morgan Rhinehart, Nadia Schafbuch, Meredith Schnebbe, and Madison Weiermann.

2016 Fall Junior High Cheerleaders-Aleya Roberts, Karlee Timm, Chelle Thys, Emma Schafbuch, Tacy Andrews, Colton Boyer, Lexi Roth, Rylie Timm and Jasmine Young. 

2016-17 Wrestling Cheerleaders- Alannah Walker, Hannah McLennan, Madison Weiermann, Annah Pierce, Alyssa Pierce and Ivy Roth.  

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Choral Music


Coming Soon

More Info Coming Soon...

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Art Club


Sami Anderson

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Advisor:     Britni Jack


2019-2020 Staff - Tacy Andrews, Rylie Timm, Jordan York, Karlee Timm, Ivy Roth, Aleya Roberts, Kayla Jack, Morgan Rhinehart, Jaycie Coffey, Emma Baetsle, Kenna Weiermann, Trinity Donaldson, Lexi Roth, Mason Fruendt, Marcus Kolesar, Kayla York and Alyssa Pierce.  

2018-19  Makenna Weiermann, Tacy Andrews, Jasmine Young, Ivy Roth, Aimee Smith, Meredith Schnebbe, Blake Weber, Jolynne Schnebbe, Jaycie Coffey, Morgan Rhinehart, Annah Pierce, Chloe Burmahl, Sydney Demmel 

2017-2018   Jaclyn Kolesar, Mackenzie Lynn, Emma Cheney, Meredith Schnebbe, Emily Schabacker, Morgan Rhinehart, Ivy Roth, Lexi Van Thournout, Makenna Weiermann, Riley Simpson, and Macie Boots

2016-2017 ​Tucker Jones, Jacob Coats, Trevor Huber, Abbie Andrews, Brooke Kuesel, Mackenzie Lynn, Emma Cheney, Jaclyn Kolesar, Mitchell Thys, Emily Schabacker, Lizzy Tanner, Emely Martinez, Riley Simpson, Jolynne Schnebbe, Lexie Van Thournout, Josie Hall, Makenna Weiermann, Will Bayer, Kody Timm, Alyssa Pierce, Tessa Shull, Meredith Schnebbe, Morgan Rhinehart, Ivy Roth, Jordan York, Kayla York, Jasmine Young, Kayla Jack, Mason Fruendt and Preston Willett.  


2019-2020 Yearbook Sponsors-Victor State Bank, Interstate Truck Repair Inc., Cooperative Telephone Company, Victor Manufacturing, Coufal's Car Care LLC, Farm and Family Veterinary Clinics, Stiefel Law Office, Stiefel Insurance, (Smith, Cunningham, Roudabush Denistry), Keystone Savings Bank, County Bank, Compass Memorial Healthcare, S & S Appliance, Casey's Victor

2018-2019 Yearbook Sponsors- Rohrer Bros., Interstate Truck Repair, Victor Lumber, Community Locker, Cooperative Telephone Company, Coufal's Car Care, Heitmann Insurance, S & S Appliance, Grinnell Regional Medical Center, HyVee Pharmacy, Stiefel Law Office, Victor's Market, RS Enterprises, Inc., Wes Finch Auto Plaza, Victor Manufacturing, Kinze Manuf.,  Compass Memorial Healthcare, Schutterle Trucking

2017-2018 Yearbook Sponsors-  Community Locker, Victor Lumber, Heitmann Insurance, Cooperative Telephone, Victor Pharmacy, R & S Enterprises, Farm & Family Vet Clinic, Schutterle Trucking, Victor's Market, Bloethe, Elwood, Buchanan Law Office,  Coufal's Care Car, Grinnell Regional Medical Center, D & M Westerdale Trucking,  S & S Appliance, Stiefel Insurance, Interstate Truck Repair, Kinze Manufuring, Wes Finch Auto, Victor Manufacturing, Stiefel Law Office, Rohrer Bros. 

2016-2017 Yearbook Sponsors- Victor Lumber, Wes Finch Auto Plaza, R.S. Enterprises, Inc., Bloethe, Elwood, and Buchanan Law Office, Hartwick State Bank, Farm & Family Veterinary Clinic, River Bend Industries LLC, Interstate Truck Repair Inc., Victor Chiropractic, Victor Drug, D & R Feed Inc., Cooperative Telephone Company, Victor Manufacturing, Victor Health Center, Stiefel Insurance, Stiefel Law Office, Victor's Market, D & M Westerdale Trucking Inc., Cory Hall Photography

​2015-16 Yearbook Sponsors-B3 Technology-Grinnell, Ben Van Waus Const., LLC-Victor, Bill's Jewlery Shop-Grinnell, Bloethe, Elwood, Buchanan Law Office-Victor, Classic Cuts-Victor, Cooperative Telephone Company-Victor, Cory Hall Photography-Grinnell, D & R Feed, Inc.-Victor,  Don's Roofing & Const.-Ladora, E & B Tiling-Victor, Family Dentistry-Victor, Farm and Family Veterinary Clinic-Victor, Gorsh & Sons Roofing-Victor, Hartwick State Bank-Hartwick, Heitmann Insurance-Victor, Interstate Truck Repair, Inc.-Brooklyn, Iowa Erosion Control, Inc.-Victor, Kinze Manuf.-Williamsburg, KGRN 1410AM, Manatts-Brooklyn, Pioneer Republican-Marengo, Saint's Rest Coffee Shop-Grinnell, Remax-Grinnell, River Bend Industries, LLC-Victor, Rohrer Fertilizer Inc.-Victor, Saint's Rest Coffee Shop-Grinnell, Smith Funeral Home-Victor, Stiefel Law Office and Stiefel Insurance-Victor, The Hair Studio-Victor, The Shoppe-Victor, Victor Drug, Victor Fitness Center, Victor Lumber, Victor Manufacuring, Victor's Market, Wes Finch Auto-Grinnell, 

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Basketball Boys

Games will be live on facebook at HLV Warrior Basketball LIVE.   

2020-2021 VARSITY BASKETBALL- Head Coach-Digger Phelps  Asst-Kevin Smith

Team members- Brayen Shaull, Landon Hall, Kaleb Sternhagen, Donnie Kruse, Beau York, Ben Thys, Lane Conaway, Jack Cheney, Braxton Rohret, Ethan Licht, Sully Smith, AJ Gensley, Grant Hall, Matt Krug, Zander McCulley, Nate Kolesar.      Managers-Jordan York and Erin Halvorson 

JUNIOR HIGH BOYS BASKETBALL 2020-2021  Coach-Jeff Boswell   Team Members  Devon Weisskopf, AJ Stevens, Caleb Otte, Tucker Donaldson, Peyton Roth,  Caden Boyer, Aiden Van Waus, Diesel Ganka,  Luke Butler, and  Hunter Bazyn.   

 2019-20 Post Season Awards-  All-Conference   Carson Cheney 2nd team, Will Bayer & Brody Wolf   Honorable Mention, and Sam Gensley Golden Award.  

2019-2020    Head Coach-Digger Phelps     Asst-Kevin Smith      Vol Asst-                                    Kyle Shaull

Brayen Shaull, Ben Thys, Kaleb Sternhagen, Donnie Kruse, Beau York, Carson Cheney, Brody Wolf, Will Bayer, Reed Ward, AJ Gensley, Owen Bayer, Sam Gensley, Matt Krug, Nathan Kolesar,  Jack Cheney, Lane Conaway, Garrett Wintermeyer, Zander McCulley

2019-20 JUNIOR HIGH BOYS BASKETBALL    Coach Kyle Shaull

AJ Stevens, Ethan Licht, Dalton Lynn, Peyton Roth, Ben Root, Boston York, Luke Butler, Devon Weisskopf, Carter Scholtus, Jack Butler, Brody Sternhagen, Julian  Martinez, Derek Weisskopf 

2018-19 Varsity Basketball

SICL All-Conference Players 2018-19-  Dean Shaull 2nd team,  Carson Cheney and Sam Gensley Honorable Mention.   

2018-19 VARSITY-------Coaches-Head Dennis "Digger" Phelps, Asst-Kevin Smith Vol Asst-Kyle Shaull

Ty Kruse(1), Danny Andrews(2), Kaleb Sternhagen(3), Chase Sternhagen(4), Dean Shaull(5), Carson Cheney(10), Will Bayer(21), Reed Ward(23), Shawn Blankenship(24), Owen Bayer(32), Sam Gensley(35), Colton York(40), Garrett Westerdale(44) 

2018-19 JV Basketball   Coach Kevin Smith, Digger Phelps, Kyle Shaull
Ben Thys, Brayen Shaull, Dylan Schafbuch, Sully Smith, Donnie Kruse, Braxton Rohrer, Shawn Blankenship, Kaleb Sternhagen, Alex Gensley, Owen Bayer, Garrett Westerdale, Matt Krug, Nathan Kolesar, Hunter Lynn

2018-19 JUNIOR HIGH-   Coach Kyle Shaull    Ethan Licht, Kyler Gorsh, Zander McCulley, Derek Weisskopf, Dalton Lynn, Clay Essick, Garrett Wintermeyer, Jack Cheney, Lane Conaway, Ben Root, Julian Martinex, Max Henstorf, Tyler Ballard, Carter Scholtus, Boston York, Justin Smith, Brody Sternhagen, Jack Butler 

2017-2018  HOPE GAME 

2017-18 Basketball-
     Head Coach-Reggie Dietze
     Asst-Kevin Smith

2017-18 Varsity       Reed Ward, Danny Andrews, Mitch Thys, Chase Sternhagen, Dean Shaull, Carson Cheney, Kody Timm, Will Bayer, Kyle Frank, Ben Toyne, Ty Kruse, Sam Gensley, Garrett Westerdale

2017-18 Junior Varsity          Reed Ward, Carson Cheney, Owen Bayer, Kaleb Sternhagen, Shawn Blankenship, Will Bayer, Garrett Westerdale, Ty Kruse 

2017-18 Junior High     Coach Kyle Shaull       Johnny Chapman, Jack Cheney, Lane Conaway, Clay Essick,  Alex Gensley, Kyler Gorsh, Nathan Kolesar, Matthew Krug, Donavin Kruse,  Zander McCulley, Reid Nowotny, Braxton Rohret, Dylan Schafbuch, Brayen Shaull, Sully Smith, Ben Thys, Garrett Wintermeyer, Beau York.  

2017 HLV Alumni Basketball Game 

2016-2017 Warrior Varsity                         

 1 Garner Lynn                                                      

 2 Danny Andrews                                         

 3 Mitch Thys                                                  

 4 Chase Sternhagen                                    

 5 Dean Shaull                                               

10 Owen Van Waus                                         

20 Jacob Coats                                             

21 Trevor Huber                                             

23 Kyle Frank                                                 

24 Ben Toyne                                                

32 Brendan Wood                                          

35 Levi Stevens                                             

40 Tucker Jones                                            

42 Jesse Ward                                               

Head coach- Reggie Dietze                          

Asst. coach-Kevin Smith                               


2 Danny Andrews

4 Chase Sternhagen

5 Dean Shaull

10-11 Carson Cheney

12 Reed Ward

14 Will Bayer

20 Brody Wolf

22 Ty Kruse

24 Braydon Rohrer

32 Colton York

34 Kyle Frank

40 Sam Gensley

42 Kody Timm

44 Levi Stevens

50-51 Brendan Wood


​2017 Roster
8th grade-Marcus Kolesar, Garrett Westerdale, Shawn Blankenship, Kaleb Sternhagen, Darrin Huber, Hunter Lynn, Owen Bayer
7th grade-Nathan Kolesar, Beau York, Brayen Shaull, Sullivan Smith, Matt Krug, AJ Gensley, Ben Thys, Donavin Kruse
Coach-Kyle Shaull                     

                                                            2015-2016 Warrior Basketball

Front row-Ben Toyne, Ben Lahndorf, Dalton Kriegel, Owen Van Waus

Back row-Daniel Andrews, Levi Stevens, Jesse Ward, Tucker Jones, Travor Huber, Jacob Coats, Chase Sternhagen, Dean Shaull       Not pictures-Mitchell Thys

Head coach-Eric Henry       Asst. coach-Shawn Welsh

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Golf Boys

2019-20 Golf-Season was cancelled due to Corona Virus.  The following were planning to participate:  Head Coach Cory Lahndorf  

Asst- Rod Cooling

Team members- Jack Cheney, Donnie Kruse, Reed Ward, Caden Fontinel, Sully Smith, Nathan Kolesar, Hunter Lynn, Carson Cheney, Leo Ehrenberger, Wyatt Robison, Colton Boyer, Ethan Kupka, Ben Thys, AJ Gensley, Brody Wolf, Colton York, Lane Conaway, Cody Adams, Kaleb Sternhagen, Clay Essick, Chandler Klein and Jacob Wright.   

 2019 Golf Team-  Ty Kruse, Brody Wolf, Carson Cheney, Ethan Kupka, Reed Ward, Colton York, Caden Fontinel, Ben Thys, Hunter Lynn, Dan Andrews, Nathan Kolesar, Cody Adams, Owen Bayer, Tyson Robertson, Sully Smith, A.J. Gensley, Colton Boyer, Cody Frahm.    Coach Cory Lahndorf

2019 SICL Golf Honors-    1st Team  Ethan Kupka and Brody Wolf  Honorable Mention  Caden Fontinel and Carson Cheney

2018  GOLF TEAM    Head Coach-Cory Lahndorf
Caden Fontinel, Carson Cheney, Ethan Kupka, Reed Ward, Tyson Robertson, Mitch Thys, Lyden Klesner, Brody Wolf, Braydon Rohrer, Colton York, Ty Kruse, Dan Andrews, Kyle Frank, Ben Toyne.


Seniors-Tucker Jones, Wyatt Kaplan, Peyton Simmons

Juniors- Mitch Thys, Ben Wolf, Lyden Klesner, Kyle Frank

Sophomore-Daniel Andrews

Freshmen- Colton York, Brody Wolf, Carson Cheney, Reed Ward, Caden Fontinel, Kody Timm


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Track & Field Boys

2020 Boys Varsity Track       The season was called off.         Here is the roster if we could have had the season.  Coach Kevin Smith 

Will Bayer, Sam Gensley, Ty Kruse, Kody Timm, Carson Cheney, Owen Bayer, Marcus Kolesar, Kaleb Sternhagen, Tyson Robertson, Garrett Westerdale, Matt Krug, Donavin Kruse, Braxton Rohret, Dylan Schafbuch, Brayen Shaull, Beau York, Jack Cheney, Reid Nowotny

2019 Boys Track    Coach-Kevin Smith

Chase Sternhagen, Dean Shaull, Brendan Wood, Levi Stevens, Will Bayer, Sam Gensley, Ty Kruse, Kody Timm, Shawn Blankenship, Mason Fruendt, Marcus Kolesar, Kaleb Sternhagen, Tyson Robertson, Garrett Westerdale, Matt Krug, Donavin Kruse, Dylan Schafbuch, Beau York 

​State Track 2019

Shuttle Hurdle- 11th-Kody Timm, Marcus Kolesar, Dean Shaull, Beau York

Sprint Medley-19th-Dean Shaull Kody Timm, Sam Gensley, Chase Sternhagen

4 x 400 Relay- 19th-Dean Shaull, Garrett Westerdale, Sam Gensley, Chase Sternhagen

Post Season Honors-   SICL All Conference 2019

1st Team  Dean Shaull, Kody Timm, Sam Gensley, Chase Sternhagen, Marcus Kolesar, Beau York

2nd Team  Garrett Westerdale, Will Bayer

Honorable Mention  Brendan Wood

2019 SICL CONFERENCE PLACINGS-   Team- Conference Runner-up 86 points

Brendan Wood 5th Shot Put and 3rd Discus, Sprint Medley 1st (Shaull, Timm, Gensley, Sternhagen), Mason Fruendt 8th 3200,  6th 4 x 800 (D. Kruse, T. Kruse, Schafbuch, Bayer), Shuttle Hurdle 1st (Shaull, Kolesar, Timm, York), Distance Medley 2nd (York, Timm, Westerdale, Bayer), Sam Gensley 4th 400, 4 x 200 1st (Shaull, Kolesar, Gensley, Sternhagen), 110 High Hurdles Beau York 5th and Dean Shaull 6th, Donavin Kruse 7th 800, Chase Sternhagen 2nd 200,  Marcus Kolesar 5th 400 Hurdles, 4 x 100 8th (Lee, D. Kruse, Blankenship, T. Kruse), 4 x 400 2nd (Kolesar, Westerdale, Gensley, Sternhagen)

2018 VARSITY BOYS TRACK TEAM                     COACH- Kevin Smith

Owen Bayer, Mason Fruendt, Marcus Kolesar, Kaleb Sternhagen, Garrett Westerdale, Will Bayer, Sam Gensley, Kody Timm, Braydon Rohrer, Cody Frahm, Chase Sternhagen, Levi Stevens, Dean Shaull, Brendan Wood, Kyle Frank, Brandon Schafbuch, Ben Toyne, Owen Van Waus     

2017  Varsity Team

Camiel Blomme, Michael Davis, Isaiah Ehrenberger, Dakota Huber, Wyatt Kaplan, Kenny Kriegel,  Derick Weiermann, Brandon Schafbuch, Owen Van Waus, Kyle Frank, Cody Frahm, Chase Sternhagen, Levi Stevens, Dean Shaull, Brendan Wood, Chris Hilligas, Sam Gensley, Caden Fontinel, Kody Timm, Will Bayer, Ty Kruse, and Braydon Rohrer.


Chase Sternhagen-800 meter run

4 x 200-Brandon Schafbuch, Owen Van Waus, Wyatt Kaplan, Camiel Blomme

Sprint Medley-Wyatt Kaplan, Owen Van Waus, Camiel Blomme, Chase Sternhagen

Distance Medley-Owen Van Waus, Camiel Blomme, Sam Gensley, Chase Sternhagen

2016 Track and Field Picture


Kevin Smith


State Qualifiers  



Warrior Relay Records  (This meet no longer held)


2020 JUNIOR  HIGH TRACK (season was called off for Covid-19)  The following would have participated:  Coach Matt Vavroch  Members-Blake Wolf, Cole Fontinel, Boston York, Ben Root, Peyton Roth, AJ Stevens, Hunter Bazyn, Nolan Pirkl, Brody Sternhagen, Ethan Licht, Derek Weisskopf, Max Henstorf, Tyler Ballard, Julian Martinez, Luke Butler, Carter Scholtus, and Travis Ballard.   


Reid Nowotny, Max Henstorf, Jack Cheney, Derek Weisskopf, Cole Fontinel, Tyler Ballard, Ben Root, Nolan Pirkl, Brody Sternhagen, Boston York, Ethan Licht, Jacob Wright    Manager-Wyatt Robison


Colton Boyer, Ben Thys, Donavin Kruse, Kyler Gorsh, Dylan Schafbuch, AJ Gensley, Steven Leonard, Jack Cheney, Beau York, Matt Krug, Reid  Nowotny, Jacob Wright, Lane Conaway, Brayen Shaull Braxton Rohret.  

JH TRACK 2017-Coach Matt Vavroch

AJ Gensley, Brayen Shaull, Marcus Kolesar, Beau York, Kaleb Sternhagen, Colton Boyer, Donnie Kruse, Ben Thys, Owen Bayer, Shawn Blankenship, Garrett Westerdale

Congratulations to the JH Team for winning the SICL Conference meet in 2017!  Great job!

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Cross Country

2020 TEAM   Coach Matt Vavroch

Members-Nolan Pirkl, Ethan Licht, Mason Fruendt, Austin Van Hamme and JH Tucker Donaldson


2019 CROSS COUNTRY-   COACH  MATT VAVROCH   Kyrah Sissel, Mason Fruendt    JH-Nolan Pirkl, Ethan Licht, Austin Van Hamme

2018 Cross Country-    Coach Matt Vavroch         

AJ Gensley, Tesla Malloy, Ty Kruse    JH- Kyrah Sissel, Clayton Essick, Nolan Pirkl, Ashlyn Hall 

Head Coach-2017.  Brian Schnebbe

2017 Team

High School    Ty Kruse and Mason Fruendt

Junior High-    Clay Essick, Trinity Donaldson, Kyra Sissel, Ashlyn Hall

2016 CROSS COUNTRY         Coach:  Theresa Smith

Team members- Madison Tapley, Ty Kruse, Taylor Crisman, Nicole Schnebbe, and Isaiah Ehrenberger.  Manager-Riley Simpson

                                                                Junior High Cross Country- Mason Fruendt

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2020 High School Football Squad 


 2020 photo gallery   below

2020 JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL- Coaches Beau Jack and Kyle Shaull     Peyton Roth, Devon Weisskopf, Derek Willett, Mason Westerdale, Diesel Ganka, Aiden Van Waus, Caleb Otte, Luke Butler, Keegan Gorsh, Hunter Bazyn, AJ Stevens, Raelene Hawkins, Colton Boyer, Travis Ballard  Mgr-Connor Rhinehart 


2019 ALL-DISTRICT SELECTIONS- Lineman of the Year Kody Timm, All-District Caden Fontinel, Carson Cheney, Reed Ward, Will Bayer, Marcus Kolesar, Ethan Kupka, Beau York   Honorable Mention Shawn Blankenship, Golden Award  Sam Gensley 

2019 FOOTBALL    Kevin Smith-Head Coach   Asst-Joe Simmons and Jordan Smith

Players-Marcus Kolesar, Reid Nowotny, Donavin Kruse, Ethan Kupka, Ben Thys, Brayen Shaull, Carson Cheney, Reed Ward, Ty Kruse, Caden Fontinel, Beau York, Will Bayer, Garrett Westerdale, Shawn Blankenship, Owen Bayer, Jacob Wright, Braxton Rohret, Jack Cheney, Dylan Schafbuch, Matthew Krug, AJ Gensley, Sam Gensley, Kaleb Sternhagen, Zander McCulley, Nathan Kolesar, Kody Timm, Preston Willett, Tyson Robertson, Bobby Scoville, Wyatt Robison, Hunter Lynn, Brody Wolf     Mgr-Leo Ehrenberger, Garrett Weida, Garrett Wintermeyer

2019 Football Action Shots     below

2018 POST SEASON HONORS- Lineman of the Year-Brendan Wood, All-district-Chase Sternhagen, Dean Shaull, Cody Frahm, Levi Stevens, Caden Fontinel, Kody Timm, Sam Gensley.  Honorable mention-Marcus Kolesar 

2018 Varsity Football 

2019 JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL   Coaches Beau Jack and Kyle Shaull

Hunter Bazyn, Luke Butler, Jack Butler, Devon Weisskopf, Dalton Lynn, Cole Fontinel, Caleb Otte, Boston York, Brody Sternhagen, Max Henstorf, Ben Root, AJ Stevens, Derek Weisskopf, Peyton Roth, Tyler Ballard  Mgr  Dylan Shull

2018 Junior High Football    Coaches Beau Jack and Wes Warwick

8th-Jack Cheney, Jacob Wright, Reid Nowotny, Wyatt Robison, Zander McCulley, Kyler Gorsh, Garrett Wintermeyer, Justin Smith, Steven Leonard.

7th-Max Henstorf, Boston York, Jack Butler, Tyler Ballard, Cole Fontinel, Brody Sternhagen, Derek Weisskopf, Ben Root, Dalton Lynn

Mrgs-Ethan Licht and Austin Van Hamme

2017 Varsity Football     

     Coaches- Kevin Smith (head)  Jordan Smith and Joe Simmons (assistants)

Seniors-Brandon Schafbuch, Owen Van Waus, Ben Toyne, Mitch Thys, Lyden Klesner, Kyle Frank

Juniors-Cody Frahm, Dean Shaull, Chase Sternhagen, Levi Stevens, Brendan Wood

Sophomores-Carson Cheney, Reed Ward, Caden Fontinel, Will Bayer, Sam Gensley, Kody Timm, Braydon Rohrer

Freshmen-Marcus Kolesar, Ethan Kupka, Garrett Westerdale, Owen Bayer, Shawn Blankenship, Kaleb Sternhagen, Bobby Scoville, Darrin Huber, Hunter Lynn

Managers- Andrew Weida and Garrett Weida 

2017 Varsity Football Picture Gallery 

2017 Junior High Football Photo Gallery 

2017 Junior High Football-   Coaches- Beau Jack and Ben Lahndorf

Brayen Shaull, Ben Thys, Braxton Rohret, Jack Cheney, Zander McCulley, Garrett Wintermeyer, Nathan Kolesar, Blake Stevens, Donavin Kruse, Dylan Schafbuch, Beau York, Sullivan Smith, Matthew Krug, Kyler Gorsh, Reid Nowotny, Keaton Tapley, Jacob Wright, Wyatt Robison, Steven Leonard     Manager- Johnny Chapman

2016 Coaches:

Varsity-Head Kevin Smith, Asst. Jordan Smith and Joe Simmons


​The 2016 Junior High football team concluded their season on Oct. 10.  The team finished with a record of 5-1.  Team members included Kaleb Sternhagen, Marcus Kolesar, Owen Bayer, Donavin Kruse, Shawn Blankenship, Garrett Westerdale, Beau York, Ben Thys, Sully Smith, Brayen Shaull, Darrin Huber, Matthew Krug, Nathan Kolesar, Hunter Lynn, Blake Stevens, Tyson Robertson, and Bobbie Scoville.  Mr. Lahndorf and Mr. Jack were the coaches.  Preston Willett was the manager.  

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Basketball Girls

Basketball Games will be livestreamed on facebook at HLV Warrior Basketball LIVE 

 2020-2021 GIRLS BASKETBALL-   Head Coach Kyle Shaull, Assistant Coach Ben Lahndorf      Team members- Karlee Timm, Kayla Jack, Aleya Roberts, Olivia Van Waus, Jasmine Young, Ashleen Nowotny, Jaylin Van Lancker, Melana Blomme, Kyla Roberts, Trinity Donaldson, Kenzie Kempf, Addy Shaull, Hailey Jack, Kadynce DeMeulenaere, and Janessa Blomme.  Managers Lexi York and Heather Schafbuch

2020-2021 Junior High Girls Basketball- Coach Lisa Hinrichs      Ema Roberts, Lizzy Grier, Cadie Cheney, and  Lucy Thompson are 8th graders with Brielle Andrews, Jordyn Menicucci, Raelene Hawkins, Raegen Stowell, Mackenzie Allee, Caiya Schmidt, Serenity McClenathan,  Clara Balvin, and Nicole Gensley are 7th graders.

2019-20    High School  Head Coach-Cory Lang  Vol Asst- Kyle Shaull

Kyla Roberts, Trinity Donaldson, Melana Blomme, Jaylin Van Lancker, Aleya Roberts, Kayla Jack, Jasmine Young, Olivia Van Waus, Ashleen Nowotny, Karlee Timm     


Anna DeMeulenaere, Kadynce DeMeulenaere, Janessa Blomme, Alexis York, McKenzie Kempf, Ema Roberts, Cadie Cheney, Addy Shaull, Lizzy Grier, Hailey Jack               Manager-Heather Schafbuch

2018-19 SEASON      HEAD COACH-  JAY MALLOY   ASST- Deion Malloy

Haley Coats(2), Karlee Timm(1), Kayla Jack(4), Olivia Van Waus(10), Aleya Roberts(12), Ashleen Nowotny(13), Jasmine Young(14), Tesla Malloy(23), Jaylin Van Lancker(22), Melana Blomme(21), Blake Weber(25)    Mgrs-Sydney Demmel and Makenna Weiermann

2018-19 Honors-  All-Conference Honorable Mention  Haley Coats and Tesla Malloy 

2018-19 JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL        Coach- Hope Ely

Trinity Donaldson(10), Kyla Roberts(4), Kaylee York(5), Janessa Blomme(23), Hunter Conaway(14), Kenzie Kempf(3), Hailey Jack(11), Quincie Smith(12), Heather Schafbuch(20), Alexis York(50), Addy Shaull    Mgr- Claudia Boyer 


2017-18 Basketball-    Head Coach-Cory Lahndorf 

Emma Cheney, Mandi Niemeyer, Haley Coats, Maci Boots, Lexi Van Thournout, Karlee Timm, Olivia Van Waus, Aleya Roberts, Ashleen Nowotny, Jasmine Young, Kayla Jack, Tacy Andrews         Mgrs-Jolynne Schnebbe, Sydney Demmel

Junior High Girls Basketball 2017-18- Melana Blomme, Hunter Conaway, Trinity Donaldson, Ashlyn Hall, Courtney Rhinehart, Kyla Roberts, Alexis Roth, Emma Schafbuch, Jaylin Van Lancker           Coach-Hope Ely



Head Coach- Cory Lahndorf       Asst. Coach- Michael Kuesel

Mgr.-Jolynne Schnebbe

2015-2016 Varsity Team

​                                                                 2015-2016 Varsity Team

                Front row-Danielle Kunz, Bethany Leonard, Kate Schaefer

                Middle row-Kelsea Shaull, Taylor Crisman, Brooke Kuesel

                Back row-Charlee Fruendt, Shary Hinshaw, Haley Coats, Emma Cheney,

                Jolynne Schnebbe, Lexi VanThournout

                Coaches Cory Lahndorf and Michael Kuesel

​2015-16 JV TEAM (not pictured)

Miriam Cary, Lexie Van Thounout, Haley Coats, Charlee Fruendt, Shary Hinshaw, Jolynne Schnebbe, Sara Sanders  Coach-Michael Kuesel



Front Row- Olivia Van Waus, Aleya Roberts, Karlee Timm, Ashleen Nowotny

Middle Row-Jaylin Van Lancker, Kayla Jack, Jasmine Young, Tacy Andrews, Melana Blomme

Back Row-Coach Hope Ely and manager Makenna Weiermann

Not pictured Deana Evans

5 on 5 Girls Basketball Records as of 2018 season

​6 on 6 Girls Basketball Records

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Track & Field Girls


2019-2020 Varsity Track Season was cancelled due to Corona Virus.  The following were planning to participate:  Head Coach Digger Phelps    Members-  Rachel DeRycke, Jasmine Young, Olivia Van Waus,  Aleya Roberts, Kayla Jack, Karlee Timm, Emma  Schafbuch, Chelle Thys, Payten Martinson, Kyla Roberts, Trinity Donaldson, 

2019 GIRLS TRACK      HEAD COACH-Digger Phelps

Haley Coats, Rachel DeRycke, Morgan Rhinehart, Kayla Jack, Aleya Roberts, Karlee Timm, Rylie Timm, Olivia Van Waus, Jasmine Young, Chelle Thys, Jaylin Van Lancker

2019 SICL All-Conference    2nd Team   Karlee Timm 

2019 SICL CONFERENCE PLACINGS-   Karlee Timm 2nd high jump,  Sprint Medley 8th (DeRycke, Van Waus, Timm, Young, Rachel DeRycke 8th 100 meter dash, 4 x 200 5th (DeRycke, Young, Van Waus, Timm), Kayla Jack 6th 400 Hurdles, 4 x 100 5th (DeRycke, Young, Van Waus, Timm)      Team finish-10th with 19 points

​2019 No one qualified for the state meet.  

2018 State Track Results 

​SICL Track Meet Results (copy and paste in your browser)


Congratulations to Macie Boots and Haley Coats who qualified to run in the 2018 Drake Relays! 

2018 VARSITY GIRLS TRACK TEAM              COACH-Theresa Smith

Rachel DeRycke, Madison Weiermann, Macie Boots, Mariah Doran, Emma Cheney, Rylie Timm, Aleya Roberts, Kayla Jack, Morgan Rhinehart, Olivia Van Waus, Blake Weber, Karlee Timm, Haley Coats, Makenna Nowotny, Kayla York, Charlee Fruendt      Managers- Charlee Fruendt

2017 Track Team-    Coach Theresa Smith

Rachel DeRycke, Morgan Rhinehart, Nadia Schafbuch, Madi Tapley, Macie Boots, Haley Coats, Shary Hinshaw, Makenna Nowotny, Annah Pierce, Emma Cheney, Mariah Doran, Mackenzie Lynn, Maddy Weiermann, Nicole Schnebbe, Paris Sissel


Haley Coats- 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash

Macie Boots-400 meter hurdles, 400 meter dash

4 x 100- Emma Cheney, Mariah Doran, Shary Hinshaw, Haley Coats

Sprint Medley-Emma Cheney, Mariah Doran, Haley Coats, Macie Boots

2016 Track Team


Theresa Smith


2019-20 JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS TRACK (season was called off for Covid 19)  The following would have participated:  Coach Lisa Hinrichs  Members:  Ema Roberts, Hailey Jack, Quincie Smith, Kaylee York, Kadynce DeMeulenaere, Addy Shaull, Janessa Blomme, Anna DeMeulenaere, Heather Schafbuch, Cadence Cheney, Natalie Van Polen, and Lexi York Manager.   

 2018-19 JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS TRACK-     Coach-Lisa Hinrichs

Hunter Conaway, Kyla Roberts, Trinity Donaldson, Shaylee Cooling, Payten Martinson, Hailey Jack, Kenzie Kempf, Kaylee York, Addy Shaull, Janessa Blomme, Quincie Smith    Mgr-Lexi York

2018 JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS TRACK TEAM          COACH- Lisa Hinrichs

Alexis Roth, Chelle Thys, Emma Schafbuch, Kyrah Sissel, Cheyenne Thomann, Kyla Roberts, Trinity Donaldson, Payten Martinson      Manager-Ashlyn Hall

2017 Members    Coach Hinrichs

7th grade- Rochelle Thys, Lexi Roth, Emma Schafbuch, Jaylin VanLancker

8th grade-Jasmine Young, Kayla Jack, Aleya Roberts, Rylie Timm, Kayla York, Ashleen Nowotny, Karlee Timm, Olivia VanWaus, Tacy Andrewss

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Golf Girls

​Girls golf 2019-20-Season cancelled due to Corona Virus.  The following were planning to participate:  Head Coach Cory Lahndorf

Asst- Rod Cooling   Team members- Erin Halvorson, Jordan York, Ashleen Nowotny, Kayla York, Shaylee Cooling, Lexi Roth, and Amber Cooling  

2019     Head Coach-Cory Lahndorf
Tacy Andrews, Erin Halvorson, Ashleen Nowotny, Kayla York, Alexis Roth, Jordan York, Aimee Smith, Emma Schafbuch

2019 SICL All-Conference Golf-     2nd team   Kayla York 

2018 Girls Golf Team  Coach Cory Lahndorf

Anna Dursky, Ashleen Nowotny, Kayla York Jordan York, Erin Halvorson, Annah Pierce, Alannah Walker, Mandi Niemeyer.   


Seniors- Alannah Walker, Payton Robison

Juniors-Elizabeth Tanner, Mandi Niemeyer

Freshman-Josie Hall


Coach-Joe Verdeck

Left to right- Annah Pierce, Payton Robison, Brooke Kuesel, Elizabeth Tanner, Alannah Walker

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2020 Varsity and JV Softball        Co-Head Coaches   Stacy Jack and Beau Jack

Team Members- Alyssa Pierce, Kenna Weiermann, Jordan York, Olivia Van Waus, Aleya Roberts, Jasmine Young, Kayla York, Kayla Jack, Karlee Timm, Cheyenne Thomann, Kyla Roberts, Ashlyn Hall,  Trinity Donaldson, Savannah Harmon, Hailey Jack, Kenzie Kempf, Addy Shaull, and Heather Schafbuch 

The season was shortened due to Covid-19.  Games started on June 15.  

ALL CONFERENCES SELECTIONS- Kayla Jack 2nd team infield, Karlee Timm 2nd team utility, Honorable Mention-Olivia Van Waus and Kayla York.  The Warriors defeated Belle Plaine in 1st round tournament action before falling to state qualifier Lisbon 5-3 to end their season.  

2019 SICL ALL-CONFERENCE- 2nd Team Pitcher-Haley Coats, 2nd Team Utility-Karlee Timm, Honorable Mention-Kayla Jack, Jolynne Schnebbe 

2019 Softball   Head Coaches-Beau Jack and Stacy Jack

Haley Coats, Jolynne Schnebbe, Lexie Van Thournout, Alyssa Pierce, Amber Coolling, Kayla Jack, Karlee Timm, Jordan York, Olivia Van Waus, Aleya Roberts, Jasmine Young, Autumn Stanley, Kyla Roberts, Cheyenne Thomann, Makenna Weiermann 

 2018 Softball    Head Coach-Karla Cheney    Asst-Beau Jack

Roster-      12-Emma Cheney, 11-Haley Coats, Jolynne Schnebbe, Lexie Van Thournout   10-Morgan Rhinehart, Alyssa Pierce    9-Kayla York, Kayla Jack, Karlee Timm, Jordan York, Olivia Van Waus, Aleya Roberts, Jasmine Young

2018 Post Season Honors

SICL All Conference-2nd Team Pitcher-Emma Cheney, 2nd Team Outfield Kayla York, 2nd Team Utility Haley coats, Honorable Mention Kayla Jack and Jolynne Schnebbe


2019 JH Softball-  Coach Beau Jack

Kyla Roberts, Ashlyn Hall, Ema Roberts, Addy Shaull, Lizzy Grier, Kenzie Kempf, Hailey Jack, Heather Schafbuch, Hannah Herman, Kadynce DeMeulenaere, Savannah Harmon 


8-Cheyenne Thomann    7-Ashlyn Hall, Shaylee Cooling, Kyla Roberts, Trinity Donaldson   6-Hailey Jack, Heather Schafbuch, Addy Shaull, McKenzie Kempf

​2017 Post Season Honors

SICL All Conference-   Kelsea Shaull-1st Team Catcher,  Emma Cheney-1st Team Pitcher,  Haley Coats and Kayla Jack- Honorable Mention

All District -     Kelsea Shaull and Emma Cheney

All State-  Emma Cheney- 3rd Team        Kelsea Shaull-  Honorable Mention


Senior-Kelsea Shaull

Junior-Emma Cheney

Sophomores-Haley Coats, Jolynne Schnebbe, Lexie Van Thournout, Grace York

Freshmen-Morgan Rhinehart, Alyssa Pierce, Tessa Shaull, Nadia Schafbuch, Rachel DeRycke

8th Graders- Kayla York, Kayla Jack, Karlee Timm, Jordan York, Olivia Van Waus, Aleya Roberts, Jasmine Young

Coaches- Head-Karla Cheney     Asst-Beau Jack


8th Graders-Kayla York, Kayla Jack, Karlee Timm, Jordan York, Olivia Van Waus, Aleya Roberts, Jasmine Young

7th Graders-Chelle Thys

6th Grader-Kyla Roberts

HLV WARRIOR SOFTBALL RECORDS  2007-2016           

Most Homeruns in a Season                       7      2007 Angie Hawkins 

Most Hits in a Season                                58      2015 Emma Cheney 

Most Singles in a Season                         48      2015 Emma Cheney

Most Doubles in a Season                       13      2007 Angie Hawkins/Jacie Smith 

Most Triples in a Season                            5      2015 Emma Cheney

Most RBI's in a Season                             27      2015 Emma Cheney 

Most Runs Scored in a Season              42      2007 Stacey Dietrich 

Most Stolen Bases in a Season              26      2007 Stacey Dietrich 

Most Base on Balls in a Season             25      2007 Stacey Dietrich/2009 Michelle McWilliams 

Highest Batting Average in Season   0.623    2015 Emma Cheney 

Fewest at Bat Strike Outs per Season     1      2015 Emma Cheney

Pitching Records 2007-2016

Most Strike Outs per Season                189        2008 Sarah Baetsle

Most Wins per Season                             13        2008 Sarah Baetsle

Lowest ERA per Season                       1.22       2008 Sarah Baetsle 

Fewest Walks Given Up per Season        7       2015 Emma Cheney 

Career Wins

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2019-2020 Advisor-Karla Robison

New members 2019-20  Preston Willett, Rylie Timm, Kayla Jack, Aleya Roberts, Kayla York, Olivia Van Waus, Tacy Andrews, Anna Dursky

​ALL MEMBERS OF 2019-20  Front row new members

Back row-Carson Cheney, Amber Cooling, Meredith Schnebbe, Reed Ward, Caden Fontinel, Sam Gensley, Josie Hall, Nadia Schafbuch

​Advisor-Rebecca deSouza 2018-19

​On October 10, 2018 ten new members were inducted to the HLV National Honor Society.  The new members are in the picture listed below.  From left to right-Nadia Schafbuch, Chloe Burmahl, Meredith Schnebbe, Jolynne Schnebbe, Reed Ward, Sam Gensley, Amber Cooling, Caden Fontinel, Carson Cheney, and Josie Hall.  They join Brandi Baetsle, Bobbi Jo Baetsle, Haley Coats, Makenna Nowotny, Dan Andrews, Macie Boots, and Lexie Van Thournout to make up the 2018-2019 chapter.  

2018 Veteran's Day Ceremony Photo Gallery

Here is the link to the Veteran's Day Ceremony  2017      https://vimeo.com/242375970/fea43bd778

2017-18 New Member Induction

The National Honor Society is an organization that recognizes students who demonstrate outstanding characteristics in the areas of scholarship, service, character, and leadership.  Members of this organization are a shining example of the positive qualities of our school.  


​Veteran's Day Program-Members are in charge each year of organizing and honoring our veterans by  presenting the yearly Veteran's Day Program.

Advertising-Members solicit advertising for the athletic programs for tournament games.

Flower beds-Members help take care of the flower beds on the school grounds.  


2017-2018     Mitchell Thys, Emma Cheney, Mariah Doran, Ben Toyne, Danny Andrews, Bobbi Jo Baetsle, Brandi Baetsle, Macie Boots, Haley Coats, Makenna Nowotny, Lexie Van Thournout, Alannah Walker, Lizzie Tanner

2016-2017     Brooke Kuesel, Jesse Ward, Paris Sissel, Abigail Andrews, Mitchell Thys, Mariah Doran, Emma Cheney, Ben Toyne Nicole Schnebbe, Kelsea Shaull, Taylor Crisman, Corrie Craig

2015-2016     Abigail Andrews, Brooke Kuesel, Madeline Kunz, Paris Sissel, Jesse Ward, Brittney Wood

2014-2015     Haley Deppe, Larisa Andrews, Shannon Foster, Brittney Wood

2013-2014     Scott Michalek, Larisa Andrews, Rhett Nowotny, Haley Deppe, Kayla Schafbuch, Chelsea Pierce, Abigail Schafbuch

2012-2013     Joseph Stiefel, Scott Michalek, Jonathan Dentel, Kyle McWilliams, Holly Bricker, Lauren Dursky, Rhett Nowotny, Kayla Schafbuch

2011-2012     Joseph Stiefel, Jonathan Dentel, Holly Bricker

2010-2011     Abbey Dentel, Carlin Michalek, Candace Pierce, Cecilia Hagen, Anthony Lynn, Ryan Grier, Dustin Schafbuch

2009-2010     Dustin Deppe, Erynn DeRycke, Morgan Schafbuch, Reed DeBrower, Abbey Dentel, Cecilia Hagen, Carlin Michalek, Candace Peirce, Preston Warnick

2008-2009     Kendra Damisch, Jonathan Faga, Boone DeBrower, Chrystal McClenathan, Dustin Deppe, Morgan Schafbuch, Erynn DeRycke, Sarah Smith, Brittany Sleeuwenhoek

2007-2008     Kayla Damisch, Dylan Miller, Jonathan Faga, Scott Riedel, Lacy Jahlas, Sarah Smith, Katie Kaplan, Saxon Van Buren, Robin Klaaren, Corey Van Otegham, Brittany Sleeuwenhoek                            

2006-2007     Rebecca Blomme, Kelsey Leigh, Amber Bringmann, Scott Riedel, Kayla Damisch, Jacie Smith, Stacey Dietrich, Peter Stifel, Tawny Happel, Ashley Timm, Faith Hinrichs, Saxon Van Buren, Lacy Jahlas, Corey Van Otegham, Katie Kaplan, Jessica Van Otegham, Kallie Warnick

2005-2006     Rebecca Blomme, Faith Hinrichs, Amber Bringmann, Vaugn Miller, Stacey Dietrich, Peter Stiefel, Tawny Happel, Terra Van Buren, Kallie Warnick

2004-2005     Ashley Ballard, Kacie Kriegel, Jake Bartachek, Alyssa McGrory, Shelby Beran, Vaugn Miller, Deanna Bryant, Rachel Pirkl, Samantha Bringmann, Sara Refer, Sarah Haman, Tom Stiefel, Tyler Happel, Terra Van Buren, Stephanie Kasal, Joe Verdeck

2003-2004     Ashley Ballard, Shelby Beran, Stephanie Beran, Samantha Bringmann, Jessica Cabalka, Jessica Hinrichs, Alyssa McGrory, Ryan Neuhaus, Brandon Phelps, Sara Refer, Mathew Reynolds, Sarah Risdon, Tom Stiefel, Ellen Thys, Joe Verdeck

2002-2003     Stephanie Beran, Jessica Cabalka, Teresa Faga, Emily Gensley, Jessica Hinrichs, David Jack, Jessica Lamb, Ryan McWilliams, Laura Meyer, Carrie Neuhaus, Ryan Neuhaus, Brandon Phelps, Laura Pirkl, Mathew Reynolds, Sarah Risdon, Ellen Thys, Aaron Timm

2001-2002     Teresa Faga, Erin McGrory, David Jack, Ryan McWilliams, Cari Kinzenbaw, Laura Meyer, Jessica Lamb, Laura Pirkl, Aaron Timm

2000-2001     Greg Dolmage, Ryan Folkmann, Sarah Hinrichs, Cari Kinzenbaw, Gina Martin, Erin McGrory, Erin Meyer, Robin Sullivan, Joseph Wilgenbusch

1999-2000     Jayme Pries, Jerilyn Crow, Sara Shine, Gina Martin, Erin Meyer, Emily Rhinehart, Michelle Wauters, Joseph Wilgenbusch, Greg Dolmage, Robin Sullivan

1998-1999     Tyler Folkmann, Miranda Van Waus, Corey Dietze, Jerilyn Crow, Michelle Wauters, Amanda Fredericks, Destiny Roth, Georgianne Fairchild, Jayme Pries, Sara Shine

1997-1998     Erin Bott, Amanda Fredericks, Wesley Cooling, Chris Furler, Jerilyn Crow, Jay Simmons, Melissa Faga, Michelle Stowell, Gigi Fairchild, Miranda Van Waus, Tyler Folkmann, Michael Warden

1996-1997     Tice Cole, Derik Parker, Aaron Healey, Nicole Wilgenbusch, Leslie Dolmage, Jennifer Border

1995-1996     Nicole Wilgenbusch, Leslie Dolmage, Aaron Healey, Melissa Faga, Tice Cole, Derik Parker, Erin   Greene, Erin Bott

1994-1995     Jennifer DeSmet, Wendy Hollopeter, Bret Schafbuch, Chris Sandersfeld, Leslie Dolmage, Jason Folkmann, Sheilah Lynch, Carrie Shine, Tice Cole, Derik Parker, Nicole Wilgenbusch

1993-1994     Tamara Kern, Crystal Verdeck, Andrea Claeys, Kara Cronbaugh, Chris Sandersfeld, Sheilah Lynch, Angela Faga, Heather Crow, Rachel Heitmann, Luke Healey, Carrie Shine, Jennifer DeSmet

1992-1993     Heidi Crow, Brian Blomme, Ashlee Sullivan, Grant Dolmage, Laura Wilgenbusch, Tamara Kern, Crystal Verdeck, Dani Ervin, Teri Fields, Karla Waterbeck, Ryan Wilbenbusch, Chad Williams, Eric Meyer, Angela Faga, Andrea Claeys

1991-1992     Robin Fuller, David Kruse, Teri Fields, Grant Dolmage, Ryan Wilbenbusch, Karla Waterbeck, Sherry Jack, William Lynch, Danielle Ervin, Brian Blomme, Heidi Crow, Chad Williams, Laura Wilgenbusch

1990-1991     Denise Bayer, Cari Chittick, Tineke DeSloover, Miriam Meyer, Kevin Rinehart, Dawn Pidima, Lisa     Roe, Julie Roberts, Brandi Shay, Suzie Slaymaker, Robin Fuller, Sherry Jack, David Kruse, Teri Fields, Bill Lynch

1989-1990     Denise Bayer, Cari Chittick, Nisa Kalambaheti, Miriam Meyer, Kevin Rhinehart, Brandi Shay, Lisa     Roe, Julie Blomme, Danielle DeNeve, Diane Roe, Dawn Pidima, Julie Roberts, Jodi Simpson, Suzie Slaymaker

1988-1989     Susan Blomme, Jeremy Crow, Meg DeCoster-Seaton, Chris DeSmet, Robert Farnum, Joel Glasgow, Kevin Ranfeld, Cathy Root, Julie Blomme, Kristin Waterbeck, Nisa Kalambaheti, Jodi Simpson, Diane Roe

1987-1988     Rhonda Bloomquist, Holli Crow, Paul Keller, Kris McWilliams, Melissa Meyer, Steve Roe, Susan Blomme, Meg DeCoster-Seaton, Robert Farnum, Joel Glasgow, Kevin Ranfeld, Cathy Root, Kristin Waterbeck

1986-1987     Chris Glotfelty, Robert Newberry, Sean Riedel, Eric Sloan, Lori Smith, Phil Van Waus, Rhonda Bloomquist, Paul Keller, Kris McWilliams, Mellissa Meyer, Steve Roe

2016-17   Front row-Brooke Kuesel, Jesse Ward, Paris Sissel, Abigail Andrews

Back row-Mitch Thys, Mariah Doran, Emma Cheney, Ben Toyne, Nicole Schnebbe, Kelsea Shaull, Taylor Crisman, Corrie Craig

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Britni Jack

2018 Prom-  vintage Circus Theme

Prom Court- Emely Martinez, Mariah Doran, Emily Schabacker  Queen-Alannah Walker

Mitch Thys, Ben Toyne, Ben Wolf   King- Lyden Klesner 

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Coming Soon

More Info Coming Soon...

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Silver Cord


Paula Long


HLV High School Silver Cord Service Program Information 


The Silver Cord program is a distinguished award available to high school students with the purpose of recognizing their out of school volunteer efforts. Program participation is voluntary for all HLV High School students. Students who complete the required number of volunteer service hours will be recognized at their graduation by wearing a silver cord with their cap and gown and with special mention in the Commencement program. Students must have 160 hours of documented volunteer activity (40 each year) by April 30 of the year they are graduating. Summer hours may be applied to the prior year or next school year.

Participation Requirements:

Silver Cord participation will be monitored by the Silver Cord Program Coordinator, Mrs. sCOVILLE. Students must complete a Silver Cord Registration form to begin documentation of each qualifying volunteer activity. Volunteer hours completed without a documentation form are not accepted toward Silver Cord. Students must volunteer in at least 3 different category areas with no more than 75% of hours from a single category each year for those hours to count toward Silver Cord. 

Volunteer Categories:

Silver Cord volunteer hours must be for providing a service or meeting a clear need for the following categories: agency, church, school, park, charity program, community event, non profit fundraiser, or for assisting with non-relative handicapped or elderly needs. The service must be "above and beyond" one's usual scope of involvement and should not be part of a required service for any program or as a part of your commitment to an organization as a member of that organization. 

Examples of Acceptable Volunteer Activities:

Examples of acceptable volunteer service include: after school tutor, nursing home or senior center, volunteer for church projects, assisting with the elderly in their homes, beautify community or school property, assist at community blood drives, help fine arts/athletic contests, volunteer for special events such as Relay for Life, work for political party, and other like activities, volunteering for City Rec programs.

Examples of Volunteer Activities Not Acceptable:

Following are examples of volunteer activities which are not accepted as Silver Cord activities: to satisfy a class or requirement for any agency, program or organization of which you are a member, for a relative, for pay or compensation, doing chores at home, court ordered community service, or like activities. The intent of the approved volunteer activities is to promote students going the extra mile beyond what would normally be expected in the area of volunteerism.

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Stacy Jack


​Kyle Frank, Alannah Walker, Danny Andrews, Will Bayer, Chase Sternhagen, Carson Cheney, Gavin Rhinehart, Blake Weber, Devon Newton, Sydney Demmel, Josie Hall, Ty Kruse, Sam Gensley, Macie Boots


​State Speech will be at Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids on March 10, 2018.  Alannah Walker, Dan Andrews, Kyle Frank and Macie Boots will participate.  Good Luck!

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Student Council

​The Student Council is in charge of planning the Homecoming activities, Red Ribbon Week, pop tab collection, and other various activities throughout the year. 

2019-2020 STUDENT COUNCIL      Advisor-Heather Scoville

Student Body President- Tacy Andrews

Senior Class Officers- Pres-Josie Hall, VP-Meredith Schnebbe, Sec/Treas-Alyssa Pierce

Junior Class Officers-Pres-Marcus Kolesar, VP-Preston Willett, Sec/Treas-Mason Fruendt, Rep-Leo Ehrenberger and Bobby Scoville

Sophomore Class Officers- Pres-Chelle Thys, VP-Courtney Rhinehart, Sec/Treas-Emily Waline

Freshman Class Officers- Pres-Kyrah Sissel, VP-Clayton Essick

8th Class Officers- Pres-Brody Sternhagen, VP- Nolan Pirkl, Sec/Treas-Max Henstorf

7th Class Officers-Pres Ema Roberts, VP Natalie Van Polen


2018-19 Advisor-Heather Scoville

Student Body President- Jolynne Schnebbe

Senior Class Officers- Pres-Lexie Van Thournout, Vice-Daniel Andrews, Sec-Annah Pierce

Junior Class Officers-Pres-Josie Hall, Vice-Meredith Schnebbe, Sec-Makenna Weiermann

Sophomore Class Officers- Pres-Marcus Kolesar, Vice-Tyson Robertson, Sec-Tacy Andrews, Rep-Leo Ehrenberger, Bobby Scoville

Freshman Class Officers- Pres-Chelle Thys, Vice-Dylan Schafbuch, Sec-Courtney Rhinehart, Rep-Emily Waline

Eighth Class Officers- Pres-Kyrah Sissel, Vice-Clayton Essick 

2017-2018         Advisor-Heather Scoville

Student Body President- Mitchell Thys

Senior Class Officers-President-Emma Cheney, Vice-President-Ben Toyne, Secretary/Treasurer-Mackenzie Lynn

Junior Class Officers-President-Macie  Boots, Vice-President-Daniel Andrews, Secretary/Treasurer-Chloe Burmahl, Student Council Reps-Jolynne Schnebbe & Annah Pierce

Sophomore Class Officers-President-Josie Hall, Vice-President-Alyssa Pierce, Secretary/Treasurer-Reed Ward, Emma Baetsle

Freshman Class Officers-President-Mason Fruendt, Vice-President-Leo Ehrenberger, Secretary-Treasurer-Bobby Scoville

8th Grade Class Officers-President-Chelle Thys, Vice-President-Melana Blomme, Secretary/Treasurer-Courtney Rhinehart, Student Council Reps-Emily Waline & Nathan Kolesar

7th Grade Class Officers-Jack Cheney,  Ashlyn Hall, Kyrah Sissel

2016-2017 MEMBERS   Advisor- Paula Long

Student Body Presidents-Jesse Ward & Paris Sissel

Student Council

12th-Abbie Andrews, Nicole Schnebbe

11th-Mitch Thys, Ben Toyne, Mackenzie Lynn, Emma Cheney

10th-Daniel Andrews, Riley Simpson, Annah Pierce

9th-Alyssa Pierce, Josie Hall, Alyssa Kunz

8th-Mason Fruendt, Bobby Scoville, Ashleen Nowotny

7th-Chelle Thys, Melana Blomme, Courtney Rhinehart, Nathan Kolesar

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District Contact

Phone: 319-647-2161
Fax: 319-647-2164
Address: 402 5th Street
Victor, IA 52347