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  • Teaching our Youth of Today to be Leaders of Tomorrow

    Teaching our Youth of Today to be Leaders of Tomorrow

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Fall cheerleading-Britni Jack (starting 2017)

Winter cheerleading-Brittni Jack

2017 Fall Junior High Cheerleaders-  Payten Martinson, Kyla Roberts, Hunter Conaway, Chelle Thys, Lexi Roth, Emma Schafbuch

2017 Fall High School Cheerleaders and Competition Squad- Rylie Timm, Karlee Timm, Jasmine Young, Ivy Roth, Meredith Schnebbe, Maci Boots, Annah Pierce, Makenna Nowotny, Madison Weiermann, Charlee Fruendt, Alannah Walker

2017-2018 Wrestling Cheerleaders- Rylie Timm, Karlee Timm, Ivy Roth, Maci Boots, Annah Pierce, Madison Weiermann, Charlee Fruendt, Alanah Walker

2016 Fall Varsity Cheerleaders-Brandi Baetsle, Emma Baetsle, Charlee Fruendt, Makenna Nowotny, Morgan Rhinehart, Nadia Schafbuch, Meredith Schnebbe, and Madison Weiermann.

2016 Fall Junior High Cheerleaders-Aleya Roberts, Karlee Timm, Chelle Thys, Emma Schafbuch, Tacy Andrews, Colton Boyer, Lexi Roth, Rylie Timm and Jasmine Young. 

2016-17 Wrestling Cheerleaders- Alannah Walker, Hannah McLennan, Madison Weiermann, Annah Pierce, Alyssa Pierce and Ivy Roth.  

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